February 14, 2017

How to use Trending Topics for Email Fodder

Breaking News from 2016…Study on Human Condition Exposed!

May 16, 2016: Pew Research Center releases the results of a vital study of the human condition.

62% of adults worldwide first their news from social media (primarily Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter).

Is this true for you?

It is for me. I don’t have TV (I have Netflix and Hulu). I do sporadically check out a few newspapers online: The Marin IJ, The San Diego UT, Washington Post and NY Times. Typically, if it’s a major story, I’ve heard the headline on Facebook first. I read more fully in the news. I’m in the minority.

So what? Right? So everything!

Creative-Drought-Buster, Make-It-Rain Tip #2: TRENDING TOPICS

Before I go into this..a warning. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE! Do not attempt to use trending topics without deep understanding of our market. (See P.S. Below)

Now, if you know your audience well, using trending topics to break your creative drought is quite simple:

  1. Go to the place your market gets their news. NOT their market news, but their normal news. For example, if you are a selling coaching to fitness professionals, don’t worry about what’s trending in muscle magazine…go to where they get their actual news…Facebook or the sports page in the national paper.
  2. Look at the top 30-40 trending headlines. I currently omit anything political because my job is to entertain, delight and sell…not argue.
  3. Understand the reason for the trend. Is it trending because it’s funny, an escape, a new fashion, a new idea or technology, etc.
  4. Notice the pay-per-click (PPC) ads on the news sites. Use them as swipe copy for your own ad.
  5. Play with using either the actual trending topic OR the type of headline in your copy. Note: Only use an actual trending topic in contemporary writing (email, flash sales, etc.) otherwise your ad will sound like an idiot in a few days.

If nothing else, looking at what is trending can get your brain working on reasons your market will love the product you’re selling. Trends change hourly, so you can always find some fodder for your brain, emails and social media engagement.

More tomorrow.

– Lindsay

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