May 18, 2017

Traveling and Conferences-3 Tips for Success

Just a quickie for you about traveling to conferences.

I personally believe I am far more committed to a conference if I am not in my home town. For one thing, I will not flake out on attending (which I have done a bunch at home). Second, I will stay for the meals, happy hours, night caps. Third, I am “off the grid”…sort of, as I never bring copywriting work to conferences.

Of course, it costs more upfront to travel…and I am 100% confident in my ability to get a full return on any conference investment (if I use my Who, Why, ROI method of selection and do the pre and the post-work well), so travel costs are always money well spent.

Soon…you will be too.

If I have 3 pieces of advice about travel it’s this:

NEVER eat alone. Conferences are for connection. No matter how you want to introvert, remember…you can do so when you get home. When traveling to conferences you are working…even at meals.

STAY with a roommate. Yes, even if you have the money to stay alone. And especially if you are introverted. I experimented with staying alone twice, and both times, I missed a big part of the conferences because I had a place to “be alone.”

Added bonus: your roommate will become a friend. A real friend. Even if you don’t see them much at all (which you won’t), there is something bonding about sharing space. And that bond tends to lead to introductions, new leads, and sales.

The best connections and business deals happen AT THE BAR. I don’t drink, but I always hang out at the bar after dinner. The bar is where friendships are made…where pictures are taken and posted and tagged, leaving you forever a “friend” and giving you a chance to connect with an image after the conference is over.

Now, I want to check in with you guys….is this helpful? Are you enjoying this series? Anyone feeling motivated to network, prospect and sell?

Please let me know…



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