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March 17, 2017

Perry Belcher and the Hollywood Story Formula

Hollywood Story

I’m loving controversial figures these days, and Perry Belcher is certainly one. At least in the digital marketing world.

A MASTER copywriter and marketer, Perry had some legal trouble back in the days before he co-founded Native Commerce and Digital Marketer with Ryan Deiss.

Some remain wary of him; others love him. But most respect his ability to sell online…

And sell he does…everything from $10 flashlights to masterminds for millionaires.

So, when I had the opportunity to attend his storytelling session at the recent Traffic & Conversion Summit, I jumped at the chance. Between you and me, it was the only session I attended (the networking outside the sessions proved a powerful pull, even for an ISTP like me).

As always, my friend, what’s mine is yours…so I’m gifting you a linky-poo to Perry’s storytelling slides (actually, you can get all of the slides from all of his presentations here as well).

No opt in required…just pure, free learning…so take advantage.

Entertainingly Yours,

Lindsay Sacks O’Stories make Sacks O’Cash

February 10, 2017

Make It Rain: Overcoming Creative Droughts

creative drought

I’m not a huge believer in writer’s block.

Experience has shown, my “writer’s block” is almost always “butt in seat I don’t feel like working I am too involved with procrastinating or facebook or watching TV” block.

Still, sometimes my writing is complete crap…because my creative juices are dried up. I’m in a creative drought.

And I write for a living. And I write every day. Giving into a creative drought is simply not an option for little ole me.

So, what can you do to squeeze water out of a rock? Not possible. You MUST find a way to make it rain…

Drought Buster #1: Cosmo

Headlines mess with my head. Often. And when the headlines are messing with my head…I find it hard to move forward with the sales page. Because everything must lead from the headline.

Cosmo often saves the day. Do you know that Cosmo pays their copywriters multiple six-figures JUST for front cover headlines? Cosmo headlines have the reputation as the best grabbers in the magazine biz…

So when I need some inspiration, I start there. I look at structure, and key words, and trends. I think of my own market and how I can modify their ideas to fit my clients’ businesses (most of my clients don’t quite fit the Cosmo mold).

The best part: You don’t have to buy Cosmo. If you google “Cosmo covers” the images abound. You can use current or far past issues. Doesn’t matter. Just get to headline brainstorming and you can often get the creative juices flowing.


Over the next 4 days, those subscribed to my list will receive 4 more of my favorite drought busters to make the creative rains fall….quickly, so you can get on with the business of marketing.  Want to subscribe?  Form is on your right —>

I will also be holding a contest to win one of my two FAVORITE marketing books for anyone who shares a drought buster I’ve never heard of…so stay tuned…

– Lindsay

P.S. I’m still accepting interviews for my 1:1 coaching. If you’re ready to reject your Resistance and Conquer Your Copy…schedule your interview HERE.

Sacks O’Cash Book Club Presents: The War of Art

You’d think with Sacks O’Cash coining the name of my monthly book club, I’d be recommending books about money money money. After all, I’m not called Sacks O’Cash for nothing…

Oh contrare moonfrare. I’m a former accountant, turned finance executive, turned mergers and acquisition and sales consultant of big businesses. Ultimately turned freelance copywriter totally unwilling to write in financial markets…because…burnout.

I’m also a recovering money hoarder…but that is a story for another day.

And while I believe from the deepest parts of my soul that an abundant money mindset mixed with conservative fiscal planning and deep personal financial literacy is a mix necessary to run successful business…

This month is all about one of my favorite classics…and totally unrelated to the moolah. Except, without understanding the key lessons in the War of Art, you are not gonna make moolah in the entrepreneurial game.

So, my friend, if you have not read it or have not read it for a while, it’s time to grab a cup of coffee and your comfy chair…

The Art of War teaches you to unleash the wrath upon the mental blocks that stop you from achieving every single day. You will learn all about the villain Resistance and the havoc it wreaks on your business and your soul. And you will gain the super powers to stop Resistance so you can prosper, thrive and create vast wealth and prosperity.

Sacks and Sacks O’Cash. Just as my name suggests…

No go forth…buy the book…let us diligently discuss it in our Facebook Group (click and join if you haven’t already).

– Lindsay

Unlike my reputation that precedes me, I do not have sacks o’cash laying around…I don’t count money in public and this name was given to me as a joke (because of my former profession and subsequent burnout) by a mentor of mine.

Please don’t rob me.