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June 8, 2017

Know Your Ideal Client to Tailor Your Offer

It’s been a while. Since May 25 to be exact. Quite a while for a daily emailer to “go missing.”

And go missing I did. Without warning or notice…for me either.

Now, I didn’t really “go missing.” I was here the whole time. But in some ways, I am changed. In late May, something happened to my insides, where the fears and feelings and inspiration lie. I got a stirring, which became a clear message, and then an illuminated path…away from my current life in San Diego and into the wild unknown in Northern California.

Although it isn’t unknown, but where I grew up…I’m headed for a change to the place I’m from. Ironic, right? I don’t have family there anymore. I have a lot of friends, and a couple new business partners and a few clients and it’s where I belong.

Why am I blabbing about me? Me me me does not a good email make.

I am standing on the precipice of BIG and UNKNOWN CHANGE…

Just as your clients are in the serendipitous moment you reach them with your offer.

The stirring of knowledge that some part of life, however big or small, needs to be re-imagined, transformed, and made better is the tiny little opening of light worming its way into in a person’s sealed bubble of sameness…

The tiny opening you need to identify in your ideal client…your message crafted in the perfect size and shape to fit through the opening, illuminating the path your ideal client must take to tear down the bubble’s walls, and walk confidently into their new world.

This may sound super woo, so let me give you a very mundane, every day example:

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

One of the most un-fun aspects of selling my house is erasing all signs of me and Buddy the dog, by cleaning and staging. When facing down a newly empty pantry soiled by over 2 years of honey and oil drips, spilled protein powder, and other still undefined matter, my bubble of denial cracked. My pantry was gross.

Enter Mr. Clean’s image in my head (thanks to an empty magic eraser bag). Not 10 minutes later I was buying a 20 pack at Target.

See what I mean. If I’d been listening to the radio and some Molly Maids commercial had come on…I’d have probably paid an emergency fee instead. So busted was my bubble.

And there you have it. Your first tip of the day in 3 weeks and its a doozy. Know your ideal client well enough to KNOW just how that crack will feel when it comes to needing your product…and make sure your message is perfectly sized to fit in the crack and open their minds to your incredible offer.

Yours from my impeccable pantry,

Lindsay Sacks O’Magic Erasers

I am not promising I’m back to daily mailing…but I will not go another 3 weeks…I promise that. What about making it easy on me during this moving time – Tell me what you are dying for help with in your business and I will add your question to my topic list!

Link Like A Lego and Connect For Cash

Connecting for Cash, Volume 1.

Not to be all woo woo goo-roo here, but I truly believe to have success in business, you MUST be a giver.  A giver of your time, your influence, your wisdom, your connections.

Take my dear friend and business associate, Mitch Russo.

Mitch is a very successful serial entrepreneur and master CEO business consultant, who helps some of the top earners in the world create certification programs, grow and streamline their operations, and leverage their existing business actions for greater return on investment.

More importantly, Mitch is a serial connector.

He is always looking for ways to introduce his business associates to others who may enjoy them, help them in their next projects, or add some sort of value or interest to their lives.

In short…Mitch is a giver. He gives of his connections and his knowledge and, in return, people like and trust him enough to introduce him and recommend him to some of the biggest names in the world.

People like Tony Robbins and Intuit and Chet Holmes…and many more.

Mitch and I met in a high level mastermind last year…one that cost 5-figures to join…and one couldn’t really afford at the time.

Connecting in that mastermind, with Mitch and others, is one of the many reasons I always encourage people to STRETCH to make investments in themselves.  That same mastermind I couldn’t really afford to join has created more wealth and business for me than I paid by a factor of 3…and it’s only been a year.

Listen, online and email marketing is an incredible way to get your message out, to listen to people, and, yes…even to create personal and lifelong connections for yourself.

Yet, it is only one way to sell your wares…and for freelancers or those selling one-to-one, online marketing is not always the best way.

*GASP, OMG, Lindsay, You are  A COPYWRITER…are you seriously saying that?


Becoming a connector of people by providing thoughtful introductions based on business needs, common interests, similar location, family heritage, etc. will begin to build the bond necessary for REAL relationships.

Similar in principle to content marketing (where you give of your knowledge to create an instinct of reciprocity with your market resulting in sales later on)…

Connecting people is a real, genuine, trust building gesture…

ideal for generating goodwill between you and those you connect, while helping those in your circles reach their personal and professional goals.

Imagine your group of close friends. Your inner circle. Make a list.

Now imagine 10 people you just met, be it at a conference, online, or whatever. Make a list.

Finally, make one connection. Perhaps you recently met a very talented floral designer at your local coffee shop, and someone in your inner circle is planning a party.

Or, perhaps your trusted virtual assistant needs more hours, and you recently met someone at a conference who has a very fast growing business and needs leverage.

Or maybe you met a freelance copywriter who would benefit from my coaching, my deep dives, or my daily emails…

INTRODUCE THEM. See how quickly just one, thoughtful introduction helps grow your own connections, and with it, your own prosperity.

More on connecting for success to come…

Lindsay “Links you like a Lego” Sacks


If you gave me 5 minutes for my survey above, THANK YOU. Your survey responses brought interest and intrigue into my life, and I’m glad to know you better.

If you didn’t take it yet, here is the link.

The average time to complete was 4.44 minutes. (LUCKY!) And your honesty will help me give you exactly what you want to help your business grow.

Win/Win my friend…win/win.

Pricing: How to know what to charge for your first big freelance project?


In every sweet new freelancer’s heart, a hope appears. A hope for their first BIG job.

Not the one off blog post or the teenie tiny splash page with three bullets and a button..

I’m talking The BIG One.

Maybe it’s a daily email retainer that pays all the business bills.

Maybe it’s the long form sales page for a high value product that pays the big residual down the line.

Or maybe it’s my personal favorite, a full funnel from paid ad to upsell (or down) with webinar scripts and 3 VSLs, and affiliate mail to boot.

My first 4-figure “big break” came in the form of a simple funnel: 4 Facebook ads to advertorial teaser to webinar email reminder series to short sales letter to cart.

It was June, and I was a freshly minted Copywriter. I’d actually minted myself, since, sadly, there is no fairy godmother of copy to sprinkle dust and make the declaration to the world on our behalf.

And by “minted myself” I mean, I announced it on Facebook. And if it’s Facebook official, it must be true.

So here I am, faced with a big job straight out of the gate…

Aside from one course and reading some books, I had natural skill and a dream.

And a vast network…

I knew I needed a portfolio fast, so I’d reached out to my Mastermind Group for leads. The job was mine the very next day, “Just send me a proposal.”


What in the world was I supposed to charge for that much work…and how much time would that actually take?

Clearly, I wasn’t gonna be a super rookie and charge by the hour.

I didn’t have a mentor to turn to at the time, but I did have ONE PROPOSAL TRICK I’d learned from business consulting…and I’d been using it for the few tiny jobs I’d had up until this point.

Pre-proposal time tracking is the key to proper pricing…

It is NEVER too early to start tracking your time. Before I was asked to propose on my first full funnel, I had been tracking my time as I studied and worked on a tiny smattering of mini-jobs.

I knew how long it took me to write an email.
I knew how long it took me to do client research.
Even though I’d never written one, I kind of knew how long a sales page would take based on the other stuff (although I was very light on the editing time).

Armed with just this tiny timeline, I could figure out how to price my very first job.

Here’s an example:

I knew if it took me a half hour to write a persuasive, infotaining email, and I had to write 30 of them for the launch, and I needed to make at least $100 per hour over a 20 hour “chargeable” week to live…well, my emails had to be $50 per. Right? **

And so it went. For every part of the funnel I figured out the minimum it would take for me to survive while writing.  Of course, you ultimately want to charge more than what you need to stay alive eating ramen.  You want to be at or, once proven, well above market rate.

Still, for your first few jobs, getting hired to write copy while staying alive is a very valid goal.  

Do not wait until you have a BIG opportunity to figure out how long things take. You will inevitably lose your shirt, and possibly your house by way underestimating how fast you can write, way overestimating the number of hours you can write in a day, and thus, charging less than you should.

You MUST track your time NOW.


I love Toggl for this.

It’s free to use the basics, it’s super easy and it’s available on your phone and desktop, so you have no excuse to not understand IN TOTAL how you spend your day.

Don’t make the mistake of just tracking writing time either!

You need to know how many hours you have to work for clients…how much time you prospect, read, learn…and how much time is sucked away scrolling on social.

If you don’t have it, go get Toggl…



I’m not an affiliate of Toggl…Just spreading the word on an app I love and use.
I do sometimes promote products as an affiliate (if you have one you’d like me to try, by all means, get in touch) but Toggl is not one.

** Pricing is illustrative only and is in no way indicative of my actual charge rates (or living wage rate).

March 17, 2017

Perry Belcher and the Hollywood Story Formula

Hollywood Story

I’m loving controversial figures these days, and Perry Belcher is certainly one. At least in the digital marketing world.

A MASTER copywriter and marketer, Perry had some legal trouble back in the days before he co-founded Native Commerce and Digital Marketer with Ryan Deiss.

Some remain wary of him; others love him. But most respect his ability to sell online…

And sell he does…everything from $10 flashlights to masterminds for millionaires.

So, when I had the opportunity to attend his storytelling session at the recent Traffic & Conversion Summit, I jumped at the chance. Between you and me, it was the only session I attended (the networking outside the sessions proved a powerful pull, even for an ISTP like me).

As always, my friend, what’s mine is yours…so I’m gifting you a linky-poo to Perry’s storytelling slides (actually, you can get all of the slides from all of his presentations here as well).

No opt in required…just pure, free learning…so take advantage.

Entertainingly Yours,

Lindsay Sacks O’Stories make Sacks O’Cash

February 22, 2017

“Nobody wants to hear from you every day” – The Truth About Daily Emails

An old subscriber to my email list, a man who unsubscribed immediately upon learning I would be sending daily emails, felt it necessary to give me a piece of advice before leaving.

“Nobody wants to hear from you every day”

Okie dokie.

I’ve also had clients really worried they would turn off their own large lists if they begin to email more than the boring ONCE A WEEK newsletter, fearing unsubscribe doom, yet acknowledge they love my daily emails.

No need to fear my dears.

I learned this early on from my email mentor Ben Settle (the rockstar of all things email marketing)…. you will become closer to your list, more endeared, more worthy of their hard earned dollars if you nurture the crap out of your relationships.

For me, that means talking to you daily. Letting you in on my secret marketing tips and why I do what I do.

I want you to succeed.

I want to bring levity into your life.

Like I did for subscriber Leah, who sent me email love just this week:

“I just had to thank you for this email…LMAO”

The moral to the story is this, my friend:

Never ever worry about unsubscribes. Never listen to those who tell you “no one wants to hear from you every day.”

Your tribe, your ideal clients, your unique audience wants to hear from you, learn from you and, yes, they even want to buy from you.

Go forth and nurture your tribe,


I always love to hear from you…let me know what you are enjoying and what you need help with. Thank you for being a part of my tribe.

The Greatest Lesson I Learned (Recently) From Ryan Levesque

The Greatest Lesson I learned from Ryan Levesque

I was recently one of 35 people invited to a very special one-day event put on by the genius marketer Ryan Levesque (founder of the ASK Method). I don’t say this to brag, because frankly it’s not brag worthy…I was invited because I purchased something from him and I was one of the first to do so.

Regardless of how it came about, the opportunity to have dinner with Ryan (and sit right across from him), ask him my questions and get individualized answers, and learn from someone so highly skilled in such an intimate setting was well worth the price of admission.

I’ve already shared the SECOND GREATEST LESSON I learned from Ryan in my Facebook Group. Today I’ll share the GREATEST, MOST VALUABLE LESSON here with you –

The 4 Buyer Types

If you are a marketer of any product (except maybe a necessity for which there is no competition), your messaging must specifically speak to each of these buyer types:

1. Spontaneous, aka Early Adopter – likes to do something “NEW” and take risks

2. Methodical, aka Question Man – Loves to ask questions and comparison shop.

3. Humanistic, aka The Voyeur – Driven by connection and story.

4. Competitive, aka The Deadline Dancer – Waits till last minute for everything.

Every single one of these buyers is on your list (or your clients’ lists). And every one of them needsto be sold based on their instinctual motives to buy.

If you do not market to each buy type, you are leaving money on the table. Every single time.

Not sure how to effectively market to 4 avatars at once? You’re in luck!

I’ll be deep diving into this lesson and MUCH more during the first meeting of the Copy Confidential Collective. More information about the collective is forthcoming…if you aren’t on my email list, there is an opt-in in the sidebar just for you.



If you sell products or services (or work for someone who does) and you have not read ASK, you should. Find it HERE.


Come find out the SECOND BEST LESSON in our Freelance School Facebook Group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/thefreelanceschool

Tensions Are High In Facebook Land

Facebook is BLOWING UP! Post wars, Comment Fights, Memes predicting America’s impending greatness or America’s impending doom…

Friends are unfriending actual, real life friends. Foes are bonding over shared hatred or love.

Photos and live videos of marches around the country. Praise for our old president.

Photos and live videos of inauguration celebrations around the country. Praise for our new president.

It’s hard to look away and get any work done…like waiting for a catastrophe, not knowing when the earth will quake or the hurricane will hit.

To me, social media is one of the most riveting reality shows. Want to really understand the nature of human kind, the psychology of what makes people act? Follow them on social media.

Whenever I take on a client, one of the very first things I do is find the people active on their individual or business social media sites. Then I social “stalk” their most active followers. I see what other products they love, what other people they follow, what videos and articles they share.

I can immediately figure out the heart beat of their market, and how to reach them. I can use their customers’ own words to engage and delight them…right into pressing the buy button.

Social Stalking (in the most benign and non threatening sense of the term) is one of the 7 ways I can so quickly understand any client market…and the reason I have been hired to write in over 20 industries in the past year.

If you want to know the rest of the 7…stay tuned. Tomorrow I share a serious pro tip from none other than the ASK Method customer segmentation genius himself, Ryan Levesque.

And if the noise on Facebook gives you a headache, come visit my BRAND SPANKING NEW (half finished, but live) WEBSITE: LindsaySacks.com

– Lindsay

Come join the party at my Facebook Group “The Freelance School”…It’s not just for freelancers but for anyone who networks, prospects, sells or freelances…or wants to hire freelancers too.  http://www.facebook.com/groups/thefreelanceschool

January 17, 2017

Avoid My Hairdresser’s $5,038 Mistake

A woman’s quest for her perfect hairdresser can be more challenging than the search true love.  You think I’m exaggerating…?

I had been in deep, profound romantic love three times before finding a woman who could properly create an ideal cut for my unruly curls. 

Molly, my mane’s magician, moved away two years ago.  To say I was crushed would be an understatement.  I never found another Molly. 

Last week, I discovered through a fortunate series of Facebook events that Molly had moved back to town six months ago.  When I gasped, jumped for joy and berated her for not telling me, she said, “I didn’t want to bother you in case you had found another girl.”

What does this have to do with you?

When I teach prospecting and sales, I often hear people say they did not follow up with a prospect more than once because they “don’t want to bother” the client. 


Since when is helping someone grow their business, their market, their customer base, their brand, their sales, and their bank account a BOTHER?

If your offer provides a solid return on investment, putting more money in your pocket and theirs, then your offer is a GIFT, not a BOTHER.

By not bothering me, my hairdresser missed out on at least $1,000 over 5 months.  I am guessing I am not the only one she didn’t bother, so I conservatively estimate her losses in excess of $5K. 

My hair hasn’t looked its best, she has missed out on money. 

That is a bother.

If you suffer from “Don’t Want To Bother” sales syndrome, you’ve come to the right lady. I can teach you how to delight your prospects, wow them with your prowess, and create offers they cannot wait to pay for.

Stay tuned for a special announcement.