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May 9, 2017

Authentic Networking Gets Referrals

One of my dearest friends told me a story last night about a mortgage broker who introduces himself as a Master Networker. He claims to connect 100 people or more per week to potential customers.

Like a living, breathing Upwork. This he does, while also having a day job of mortgage brokering in one of the most lucrative and crowded real estate markets in the U.S.

Despite being a Master Networker, most people avoid him.


Because he simply connects people for the wrong reasons.

Instead of sending out one really hot, qualified, and eager to buy referral….he goes for numbers. This adds tremendous workload to the person being connected to follow up with people who may not even be interested in what they do.

Second…and this is most important…he connects others ONLY for the reciprocation…so he has a “favor” to call in later.

Here’s the thing about being a connector of people (and this is important):

It must come from a place of truly wanting to be of service, and only then will it trigger the law of reciprocation.

This sounds counterintuitive…how can you connect one person to another altruistically and authentically, and clearly hoping for reciprocity?

When I meet anyone, I am considering…who do I know that this person would like (friendship) or who can help this person solve their key problem (I am not all talented so I do not solve all of the problems of the world)?

If I know someone and if the person is interested in the introduction….great. If not, even just offering build closer rapport and more trust in my own relationship.

How can this be done…without becoming an overzealous Master Networker everyone avoids?

Post conference referral is one of the most powerful methods to establishing a true business relationship in the real world.

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