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May 18, 2017

Traveling and Conferences-3 Tips for Success

Just a quickie for you about traveling to conferences.

I personally believe I am far more committed to a conference if I am not in my home town. For one thing, I will not flake out on attending (which I have done a bunch at home). Second, I will stay for the meals, happy hours, night caps. Third, I am “off the grid”…sort of, as I never bring copywriting work to conferences.

Of course, it costs more upfront to travel…and I am 100% confident in my ability to get a full return on any conference investment (if I use my Who, Why, ROI method of selection and do the pre and the post-work well), so travel costs are always money well spent.

Soon…you will be too.

If I have 3 pieces of advice about travel it’s this:

NEVER eat alone. Conferences are for connection. No matter how you want to introvert, remember…you can do so when you get home. When traveling to conferences you are working…even at meals.

STAY with a roommate. Yes, even if you have the money to stay alone. And especially if you are introverted. I experimented with staying alone twice, and both times, I missed a big part of the conferences because I had a place to “be alone.”

Added bonus: your roommate will become a friend. A real friend. Even if you don’t see them much at all (which you won’t), there is something bonding about sharing space. And that bond tends to lead to introductions, new leads, and sales.

The best connections and business deals happen AT THE BAR. I don’t drink, but I always hang out at the bar after dinner. The bar is where friendships are made…where pictures are taken and posted and tagged, leaving you forever a “friend” and giving you a chance to connect with an image after the conference is over.

Now, I want to check in with you guys….is this helpful? Are you enjoying this series? Anyone feeling motivated to network, prospect and sell?

Please let me know…


May 16, 2017

Connection is the Ultimate Marketing Tip


Connection is the ULTIMATE Marketing Tip.

Consider this….
A few times a week, I leave the security of my computer and I take a walk with my dog, Buddy, on a path near my home, overlooking the ocean.

During these walks, I talk with Buddy (out loud, like a mad woman) about what my desires are for life and business. We talk in detail…from the next client or connection I’d like to make, to an inspiration I need to finish a sales page, to any fears that seem to be cropping up for me, to my to-do list for the day.

My mother tells me I’m odd. And this probably does sound odd. Especially to others on the path (just kidding…there are rarely others on the path in the middle of a weekday).

What happens as a result of these talks is nothing short of FULL ON WOO:
I get what I ask for. Often.

Just the other day, I was pontificating about finding some connections in virtual reality…getting into that writing market.

Not one hour after the walk
, a connection I made at PLF Live (a conference I attended in April) contacts me, and refers me to a new client in the VR space.

This is why I am adamant and passionate about teaching connection.

I constantly see people suffering from lack of money or clients…and I have taken my introversion and learned to master the most potent skill for generating wealth, joy, happiness and a prosperous life: Connection.

Connection is a controllable force of business power.

If you can discover and master the skills to connect, prospect, sell, and maintain relationships,…you will always have the resources available to thrive in business.

Follow-up is the difference between a conference friend and a client or lifelong mentor or referral partner. And MOST do not do it….even the charismatic, extroverted, popularity contest winning people fail when it comes to follow-up…leaving their connections at the conference to whither and die.

On May 23, 2017 at 5pm Pacific…you are invited to an online, interactive Zoom workshop focused on follow-up – Turning Conference Connections into Clients, Partners, Mentors and Colleagues.

The cost is only $97 for the 90+ minute event…a nominal cost considering the return you can get from just one successful follow-up.

My follow up process has earned me a waiting list of five figure clients, mentorship and confidants, and prosperity partners all over the world.

And it can do the exact same for you.

Claim your seat here.


May 12, 2017

Volunteering as a Networking Tool


Last week, a daily email subscriber and friend of mine, Monique Nelson, sent a message with a HUGE and TIMELY tip for a magnificent way to connect with speakers and influencers at conferences.

She writes:

I’m in post-conference follow up mode right now! Reading this email got me to wondering…as the conference QUEEN, have you ever volunteered at an event? If not, I suggest you give it a try at least once. It will be an entirely NEW experience for you.”

She then followed with a copy of a post she made about her experience in the green room at Social Media Camp…meaning her job was to socialize with the speakers.

Just a few of the perks of the job: connecting with 17 of the 50 influencers and speakers in 1:1 conversation, influencers asking her for advice and selfies, attending the conference for free and receiving a huge wealth of connection in return.

If you ever feel fear about going to a conference alone, volunteering truly is a perfect remedy. Yes, you have to work…and sometimes hard…and you don’t always get to listen to the conference (you sometimes are assigned to jobs outside the main room).

You do have a job and a purpose, and because you’re wearing the conference shirt, people come up to you to talk…so no need to work your way into conversations or stand around looking lost (often a treacherous nightmare for introverts).

And once you meet all those influencers and speakers and high quality prospects?

It’s up to you to follow through.

I just closed over $8,000 of new business last week from 2 new clients…one I met at a conference in December. One through a connection I met at a conference in April.

All while traveling to meet with two new potential business partners in another venture (I also met them at a conference).

I know of which I speak…and I’d love to show you precisely how I turn a chance meeting or a lunch or a late night conversation at an event into cold, hard cash in my account.

Click here to grab your seat for my live, online, interactive workshop…DEEP DIVE INTO FOLLOW-UP, and I’ll show you my ways. (May 23 at 5pm Pacific and recorded for those who can’t make it)

This workshop is a steal at $97, and until midnight Pacific time you can get in for $47 Seriously…imagine the gains in sales you can create learning my follow-up system…

CLICK HERE to grab your seat.

Happy Connecting,

Lindsay “Conference Queen” Sacks


If you met your ideal perfect client tomorrow at a random party, coffee shop, or event….wouldn’t you want to know exactly how to follow up and close the deal without sounding desperate or salesy or awkwardly aggressive?

If yes..my DEEP DIVE INTO FOLLOW-UP is the best $47 you will ever spend.

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A special thanks to Monique Nelson for her massive tip!

May 9, 2017

Authentic Networking Gets Referrals

One of my dearest friends told me a story last night about a mortgage broker who introduces himself as a Master Networker. He claims to connect 100 people or more per week to potential customers.

Like a living, breathing Upwork. This he does, while also having a day job of mortgage brokering in one of the most lucrative and crowded real estate markets in the U.S.

Despite being a Master Networker, most people avoid him.


Because he simply connects people for the wrong reasons.

Instead of sending out one really hot, qualified, and eager to buy referral….he goes for numbers. This adds tremendous workload to the person being connected to follow up with people who may not even be interested in what they do.

Second…and this is most important…he connects others ONLY for the reciprocation…so he has a “favor” to call in later.

Here’s the thing about being a connector of people (and this is important):

It must come from a place of truly wanting to be of service, and only then will it trigger the law of reciprocation.

This sounds counterintuitive…how can you connect one person to another altruistically and authentically, and clearly hoping for reciprocity?

When I meet anyone, I am considering…who do I know that this person would like (friendship) or who can help this person solve their key problem (I am not all talented so I do not solve all of the problems of the world)?

If I know someone and if the person is interested in the introduction….great. If not, even just offering build closer rapport and more trust in my own relationship.

How can this be done…without becoming an overzealous Master Networker everyone avoids?

Post conference referral is one of the most powerful methods to establishing a true business relationship in the real world.

I’m going to tell you step-by-step exactly how to create the perfect tone for authentic business match-making, and how to make the best introductions…when you join me in my Click Here to Grab Your Spot for the Deep Dive Workshop. on May 23 at 5pm Pacific.

The workshop is only $47 if you grab your space before May 12. Your return on this investment will be 100x or more…probably after just one Cliconference.

Can’t wait to see all your faces!



On the fence about $47? Become great at prospecting and connecting and you’ll never worry about $47 again.

April 27, 2017

Ideal Clients Are Everywhere

clients everywhere

The book of face…Facebook…2 days ago I see a “rant post” from a copywriter friend of mine, a friend with 15 years of experience writing words that persuade people to part with their cold hard cash.

His rant is about the guru market and how full of shyt many of them are…how they aren’t doing what they say they do or making what they say they make, and it was making him damn near sick!

An existential marketing crisis to be sure.

How can one write words that persuade people to part with their cold hard cash when, in one’s heart, they know the guru and his program are built on lies?

I believe every marketer will hit the wall my friend hit the other day…

What I reminded him, and what I remind you now, is CLIENTS ARE EVERYWHERE.

Every market.
Every niche.
Every type of business.
All need copy.

Now, you may be thinking, “Lindsay, if this is true, why can’t I find clients?”

To which I say…you can.

I was luxuriating by the pool this weekend reading fiction and “taking time off” when I received not one, but two, inquiries from business owners I had met weeks ago: One at a conference and another at a restaurant in an airport.

We met, I continued the connection on Facebook, commenting on posts, sending a link or two I thought may interest them.

When they were ready for a copywriter, who did they call? The one they knew, the one who committed to stay in contact and followed through.

Although luxuriating by the pool, I answered the calls, and within an hour, I had a few extra thou in my sacks o’cash.

Neither of these clients are in my “ideal niches” and neither of the engagements are my normal high-4 to low-5 figure full launches.

So what? The clients and I connected, their industries are interesting and new. And I believe in what they’re selling and in them.

You never need to stick to one thing. You can branch out, add to your repertoire, sing a new tune.

Clients are everywhere.
Connect and sell!



Only a few more days to grab a critique and edit of your sales page (or any other piece of copy…up to 10 Word Doc pages) PLUS a 1 Hour Debrief and Strategy Session with me, for only $500, 50% off my regular price.

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If You’ll Apply it, I Will Show You My Ways

I woke up in a dark and cloudy mood today…one that seriously does NOT match the bright and sunny day in San Diego. Thus…I have all the shades drawn and have taken a vow of verbal silence until the clouds lift.

Sadly for you, my silence does not extend to my fingers on a keyboard.

Instead of the tyrannical rant stewing in my chest, let’s look on the bright side.

Lots of emails came in yesterday responding and asking deep questions about my conference-connect techniques.

Warms my little heart to see you all are paying attention, because sometimes I feel I am sending my words into a black hole abyss of nothingness.
(avert rant)

For you, my friends, I decided to put together a little mini series on winning conferences.

Now, I actually speak on this topic from time to time, so my emails will be but a snippet of the power of conference connecting…

And, if you follow just these snippets you will have far more sales, referrals and prospects for your coaching, copywriting, consulting or other kind of one-to-one or one-to-many business.

Before we dive in, a word about the word “conference” – I am using this word because I personally attend conferences as my main peer-to-peer networking…but you can interchange the word with “mastermind”, “meet-up”, “networking event” or whatever…the same principles apply.

Now…before I start up this series…I want to hear from you!

I only want to share my client connecting ways if you are really going to apply what you learn.

Will you agree to attend ONE event within a month of the series to practice these techniques, connect with prospects, and share your results with me?

If you commit, I’ll commit!

Lindsay “Soon I will be selling this conference connect method for cash” Sacks

Link Like A Lego and Connect For Cash

Connecting for Cash, Volume 1.

Not to be all woo woo goo-roo here, but I truly believe to have success in business, you MUST be a giver.  A giver of your time, your influence, your wisdom, your connections.

Take my dear friend and business associate, Mitch Russo.

Mitch is a very successful serial entrepreneur and master CEO business consultant, who helps some of the top earners in the world create certification programs, grow and streamline their operations, and leverage their existing business actions for greater return on investment.

More importantly, Mitch is a serial connector.

He is always looking for ways to introduce his business associates to others who may enjoy them, help them in their next projects, or add some sort of value or interest to their lives.

In short…Mitch is a giver. He gives of his connections and his knowledge and, in return, people like and trust him enough to introduce him and recommend him to some of the biggest names in the world.

People like Tony Robbins and Intuit and Chet Holmes…and many more.

Mitch and I met in a high level mastermind last year…one that cost 5-figures to join…and one couldn’t really afford at the time.

Connecting in that mastermind, with Mitch and others, is one of the many reasons I always encourage people to STRETCH to make investments in themselves.  That same mastermind I couldn’t really afford to join has created more wealth and business for me than I paid by a factor of 3…and it’s only been a year.

Listen, online and email marketing is an incredible way to get your message out, to listen to people, and, yes…even to create personal and lifelong connections for yourself.

Yet, it is only one way to sell your wares…and for freelancers or those selling one-to-one, online marketing is not always the best way.

*GASP, OMG, Lindsay, You are  A COPYWRITER…are you seriously saying that?


Becoming a connector of people by providing thoughtful introductions based on business needs, common interests, similar location, family heritage, etc. will begin to build the bond necessary for REAL relationships.

Similar in principle to content marketing (where you give of your knowledge to create an instinct of reciprocity with your market resulting in sales later on)…

Connecting people is a real, genuine, trust building gesture…

ideal for generating goodwill between you and those you connect, while helping those in your circles reach their personal and professional goals.

Imagine your group of close friends. Your inner circle. Make a list.

Now imagine 10 people you just met, be it at a conference, online, or whatever. Make a list.

Finally, make one connection. Perhaps you recently met a very talented floral designer at your local coffee shop, and someone in your inner circle is planning a party.

Or, perhaps your trusted virtual assistant needs more hours, and you recently met someone at a conference who has a very fast growing business and needs leverage.

Or maybe you met a freelance copywriter who would benefit from my coaching, my deep dives, or my daily emails…

INTRODUCE THEM. See how quickly just one, thoughtful introduction helps grow your own connections, and with it, your own prosperity.

More on connecting for success to come…

Lindsay “Links you like a Lego” Sacks


If you gave me 5 minutes for my survey above, THANK YOU. Your survey responses brought interest and intrigue into my life, and I’m glad to know you better.

If you didn’t take it yet, here is the link.

The average time to complete was 4.44 minutes. (LUCKY!) And your honesty will help me give you exactly what you want to help your business grow.

Win/Win my friend…win/win.

How To Be Ironic and Congruent at the Same Time

I am writing you this email from my couch.

I just cancelled on a date with a guy that is cute, but a bit overly encumbered with children for my personal dating needs…

I am 10 hours deep into a 24 hour intermittent fast, so I can maybe squeeze into some form of non-elastic wasted pant for Digital Marketer’s Traffic and Conversion conference this week…

And I am reading the book Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi (if you have not read it…it’s a top 10er so go get it).

So…to repeat, I flaked on being physically with a human to fast and read about the importance of connecting with people over meals.

OK, the title of the book isn’t totally literal, but still…

Life is ironic.

But coaching and training shouldn’t be.

I see far too many mentors and coaches taking advantage of people, selling promises of accomplishments they have not yet reached.

The coaches make the promised six figures or (ugh) 10x their investment simply through selling the coaching.

Alanis Morissette* would have a field day with those guys…Don’t ya think? Yeah…I really do think.

Mentors and coaches should have accomplished what they are showing you how to accomplish.

As I have and do with my own programs.

Still I will freely admit that my purpose behind Copywriter Confidential Collective is slightly ironic…

The reason I decided to create programs for new copywriters and freelancers (and anyone who sells a 1:1 service) is simple, yet…


I want to show you how to succeed…

Because the more I am surrounded by success, the more success I have.


Back in my corporate days and into my freelancing days, I was mentored, coached and trained in the exact skills I am now using to attract and retain copy clients.

I have spent my adult life studying connection, attraction, promotion, sales, persuasion, and client retention…along with whatever my main superpower was at the time (finance, marketing, copy)

By paring down all of the valuable lessons I’ve learned, and sharing the BEST of the BEST with you…

I become reinvigorated.

The tools in my shed get sharper.

I find the principles among the tactics.

My writing gets better.

My team of referral copywriters becomes far stronger.

And best of all, I feel good and you feel good and we do happy dances (alone, in our own privacy) together.

One of my mentees just landed the biggest deal of his career. Guess who got to do a happy dance that day….ME!

I can only keep what I give away…and I’ve tried to keep this program affordable for all (without losing my shirt in the process).

Head over to the CCC page before all of the seats are filled.
(Editor note: REGISTRATION CLOSED ON March 10, but you can get on the wait list here)

Cheers to a win/win!


P.S. If you missed yesterday’s FAQ video…check it out here.

**Millenials: Alanis Morssette was a popular 90s singer

Phone Calls…to Humans…A Terrifying and Novel Idea That Works

I’ll never forget the day my friend Dane Maxwell blew my marketing mind. He told me he had discovered each of his multi-million dollar business ideas, and learned precisely how to sell them, by “cold calling people on the phone.

An audible gasp could be heard around his living room as each of us, in our own minds, imagined using our cell phones to call living beings and ask them probing marketing questions.

I was at Dane’s house for a women’s group he hosted each week (for free!) to teach us how to sell from a place of power and intuition, and charge what our services were worth. To this group, the idea of cold calling to test the market was not only foreign – it was downright terrifying.

Still…there is NOTHING as powerful as a one-on-one conversation with your ideal client to understand precisely what they need from you and how to sell it.

If you are truly curious, know the right questions, and actively listen, even 10 minutes with your ideal client is enough time to discover a brilliant million-dollar idea…

Just ask Dane…in one 10-minute call he built a relationship with the person who not only gave him the raw idea for what became a multi-million dollar software product, but also became his first tester, investor and client.

So…just what are the right questions?

I have created a script…derived from the notes I took all those many months ago sitting at Dane’s feet, learning from the true master of sales and product development himself.   Alas, I can only share it with subscribers.  Subscribe using the opt in box on the right…and send me an email once you do and I will send you the script personally.

Now OWN THAT PHONE and Dial Like Your Finances Depend On It! They very well might.

Until tomorrow,


P.S.  Find more about Dane here.

January 17, 2017

Avoid My Hairdresser’s $5,038 Mistake

A woman’s quest for her perfect hairdresser can be more challenging than the search true love.  You think I’m exaggerating…?

I had been in deep, profound romantic love three times before finding a woman who could properly create an ideal cut for my unruly curls. 

Molly, my mane’s magician, moved away two years ago.  To say I was crushed would be an understatement.  I never found another Molly. 

Last week, I discovered through a fortunate series of Facebook events that Molly had moved back to town six months ago.  When I gasped, jumped for joy and berated her for not telling me, she said, “I didn’t want to bother you in case you had found another girl.”

What does this have to do with you?

When I teach prospecting and sales, I often hear people say they did not follow up with a prospect more than once because they “don’t want to bother” the client. 


Since when is helping someone grow their business, their market, their customer base, their brand, their sales, and their bank account a BOTHER?

If your offer provides a solid return on investment, putting more money in your pocket and theirs, then your offer is a GIFT, not a BOTHER.

By not bothering me, my hairdresser missed out on at least $1,000 over 5 months.  I am guessing I am not the only one she didn’t bother, so I conservatively estimate her losses in excess of $5K. 

My hair hasn’t looked its best, she has missed out on money. 

That is a bother.

If you suffer from “Don’t Want To Bother” sales syndrome, you’ve come to the right lady. I can teach you how to delight your prospects, wow them with your prowess, and create offers they cannot wait to pay for.

Stay tuned for a special announcement.