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May 11, 2017

How Email Marketing Builds Your Business

Yesterday, a newer member of my elite email list unsubscribed.

This, in and of itself, is no big deal. While my rate of unsub is Antartically low, it happens. To be brutally honest, I don’t really even notice.

But this member notified me, basically stating he was leaving because he was “sick of me selling in my emails.”

Holy Crap! I hope he isn’t a business owner, copywriter or marketer…

I love writing and sharing my tips of the trade with you, but I don’t give out my hard won wisdom for free. After all, you are a powerful business owner…not someone needing handouts and freebies.

Instead, I’m participating in the fine art of email marketing (and I hope you taking my example and others, and are doing the same with your lists).

I write emails to build a relationship with you…daily emails carefully crafted to bring you serious strategies you can use right away to build your influence, excellence, and make cold hard cash.

What my friend the unsub didn’t seem to understand is this:

Email marketing has an ultimate goal…turning a prospect into a happy, successful client.

Email marketing builds a camaraderie. We learn about each other. I email you…you email me.

When it’s time for me to make you a super valuable offer, you know me, you trust me and the quality I bring, and therefore you are hopefully excited to buy my offer

After all, I’ve proven to you I will go above and beyond to give exponentially more than the price I charge,

Take, for example, my latest offer for Deep Dive Into Mastering The Art of The Follow-Up where I share conference follow-up strategies that will score you friends, clients, and referral partners for years to come.

When you attend live on Zoom, you can ask me anything you’d like about the entire conference connecting series. We will walk through your specific scenarios as well as the content I’ve prepared.

I will give you the exact organization and connecting method I have used to close over $100K of freelance writing business in my first 6 months of freelancing, all from people I met at conferences.

The same exact strategy I used to close 6-figure deals in my consulting business.

I’m charging $47 until May 12. Then, it’s $97.

How much can you make from one strategic connection? 20x that? 50x? 100x? More?

Sounds like a win/win to me. Join us on May 23 at 5pm Pacific (or you can get access to the recording and email me the Q&A).

Click here to join…

Never let a great connection slip or money making opportunity through the cracks due to lack of skillful follow-up. Ever. Again.

Click Here to Grab Your Spot.

Lindsay “Shakin’ My Money Maker” Sacks

Impostor Syndrome Keeps You Broke…So, why not try this?

Impostor Syndrome

Do you know how to receive a compliment?

I don’t just mean acknowledging a compliment by saying, “thank you” or deflecting a compliment with false modesty.

I mean do you know how to fully receive the compliment, like deep down, where perception shifts occur?

Every single solitary person I know struggles with impostor syndrome at some point in their life.

In fact, according to recent psychological research performed by the Behavioral Science Research Institute and documented in the study, The Impostor Phenomenon, it was discovered Impostor Syndrome is felt by a wide majority of people, and that “It is estimated that 70% of people will experience at least one episode of this Impostor Phenomenon in their lives” (Sakulu, Alexander, 2011).

And…it’s not just the high achievers in the workplace.  Impostor Syndrome is felt everywhere.

Some will look at their kids and think, “I have no business parenting. I’m still a kid myself.”

Some will look around a corporate boardroom and think, “How did I get here? I’m way too young to be here.”

Or, some will change careers, call themselves a copywriter and think, “How do I know if I’m even any good at this?”

Many people do an incredible job of hiding their fear of being discovered as a “fraud” behind bravado, superiority complexes, and attitude. Some have done a lot of brain coaching to work through it…

I remember back in the corporate days…I was the girl sitting in the conference room, dressed up in my board of director meeting regalia of pencil skirt and matching jacket, 4 inch heels…and all I could think is, “what if they find out I’m not the woman I say I am.”

I felt about 21 inside. But I was playing a capable executive in the drama of my life.

The outside not matching the inside eventually burnt me out. Nothing confuses the mind more than being incongruent with yourself.

Here’s the good news:

Testimonials…if you accept them as true…can be the difference between feeling like an imposter and knowing you are the real deal Super Star you are.

Sounds super woowooooo, I know. But I promise you, if you get this part down, you can become as confident at selling your wares as Kylie Jenner is selling Lip Kits. (She made $8M in 20 minutes and broke Google mid-launch…look it up..it’s unreal.)

Back in the days of corporate life…I’d only ever focus on the one or two improvement points on every one of those terrible 360 degree reviews. The ones where they pick apart your performance once a year.

I never integrated the good review points into my psyche.

Now…I never miss a chance to do so, and neither should you.

What is the last positive testimonial or comment you received on any work you’ve done?

Do you have a file of such comments at the ready for a pick-me-up when things get rough? (Because let’s face it…every business and life has its ups and downs, even throughout the day).

Read that last comment over and over and accept it as you. Take it in front of the mirror. Read it to yourself. RECEIVE IT!

Don’t worry, my friend, I’m not going soft on you. You told me you wanted to learn how to sell more and get what you’re worth…

And I am telling you, if you do not believe in your worth, your prospect won’t either.



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March 16, 2017

Stop Chasing BSOs…here’s how:

You may or may not know this, but I was once a corporate woman.

The kind that wears high heels and pencil skirts and sits in a corner office surrounded by windows with an assistant outside “holding my calls.”

The kind that sits around a boardroom presenting financial information rounded to the nearest million to investors and board members alike.

The kind that builds incredibly powerful teams around her so all may rise together for the benefit of each individual and the business as a whole.

I was not a copywriter back in those days. Finance and accounting were my games, and I helped sell companies, either to investors or on the public market.

My signature was urgently needed on documents moving hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, multiple times a day.

Why am I telling you this?

Because story is important…and our past breeds our future.

In this era of bright shiny object syndrome, understanding your superpowers can be the difference between a moderate living and an exceptional one.

Falling prey to each offer, to each idea, to each new internet guru or next generation of product can paralyze progress.

But chasing each and every potentially profitable idea will leave you digging your own grave to poverty.

Are you a connector, a team builder, a worker, an owner?

Are you a risk taker or risk adverse?

Do you work better alone or in groups? As a leader or as a teammate?

Are you introverted or extroverted?

Focus your decisions on this one goal…and your path will be clear:

Know yourself, accelerate your strengths and find partners to offset your shortcomings.

Only once you know yourself can you stop chasing each and every BSO and start to put your focus on your magnifying your genius.

If you haven’t done it lately or ever, this Myers Briggs-like personality test is a good way to get started…
Reply to this post and share your letters with me.

Talk soon,

Lindsay “ISPT – the Virtuoso” Sacks O’Cash
(aka – an introvert with feelz)

January 30, 2017

Stop Your Sniveling and Get On With Making Money

Full disclosure: I spent two full years of “entrepreneurship” focused on “not running out of money.”

Like…every waking moment I worried about going broke.
I worried about overspending.
I worried about which market I could make the most money in the fastest to get to the lazy lifestyle of financial freedom before I went broke.

What do you think happened?

I ran out of money. That’s what happened.

And ONLY AFTER I RAN OUT…after 2 years of learning, and personal development, and studying, and hoping, and praying, and researching, and spending money on all the peripheral things to a business (business cards, website builds, domain names, branding, training, more and more training, book buying, etc.) did I FINALLY decide to actually do the thing that would create the money:

Sell and Produce.

Selling creates the money.

Producing results creates even more of the money, because people rehire and refer people who produce results.

Money is NOT created by the fancy business card, or domain name, or website, or logo…

Money is created by having a product or skill someone needs, and letting them know you are willing to provide it for a price (selling).

When I first started, I had to price my copy very low so people would take a chance on me, but I could not give it away for free – because I was broke. And also because people don’t value free.

When I focused on making money instead of running out of it…money was made. But not because of the Law Of Attraction. Not because I willed it or visualized it to be so.

Money came because I sold my value to people who needed it. First to people who knew, liked and trusted me, then to people who wanted similar results.

My first lesson to people who coach with me is…stop getting ready to get ready and DO THE THING. Do the thing that will bring in money. Today.

I am doing the thing right now…emailing daily to give help you so you will ultimately know, like and trust me enough to eventually buy something from me: a program, or coaching, or a spot in my mastermind.

Speaking of which, I will soon be opening registration for my group coaching and mastermind program Copy Confidential Collaborative. The beta group is going to be seriously cheap…and you will be grandfathered at the low rate for a full year if you stick with it.

You will also become a far better marketer, copywriter, networker, and seller as part of the group than if you go it alone. Stay tuned!

– Lindsay