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Paid Ad Spying & Day 7 Celebration

What do all of these have in common:
The Clean 30. Dryuary. Movember. 5-day Juice Cleanse. Read a Book A Week for A Year?

All of these challenges blissfully end with high fives and much rejoicing and relief of getting back to more normalized life.

Today is Day 7 of 7 Ways to Know Your Market FAST. I am rejoicing…but not for the reasons you may think.

I mainly rejoice because of you…the responses I’ve gotten have made my little heart sing. I don’t write these emails for me, after all. I write them for you…to make it far easier to sell whatever it is you’re selling.

If you are a freelancer, you can use these to sell your services, and to sell your client’s stuff too.

If you’re a business owner…perfect. You can use this to generate new ideas and create more sales of current products.

No matter who you are…I hope one or more of the 7 tips spurred your fancy. If you missed any, they are going up on my blog. Click here to go there. Now without further adu…

Tip 7: Paid Ad Spying Services

My least favorite is frankly the fastest. It’s my least favorite because these guys charge an arm and a leg of a monthly fee for their services, and, frankly, unless you pay the big fees or are in a market with huge companies…you won’t find what you’re looking for.

BUT…if you are willing to pay up, these sites are a gold mine of data and relevant information you can use to spy on your competition and KNOW what ads are working in your market. And if you are a consultant or freelancer helping clients maximize their marketing, these sites are practically a requirement.

I am not affiliated with any of these so I’m probably dumb for giving free publicity, but I’m in this for you. So I’ll fall on the sword and list the 4 major sites here…and you can go check them out (they all offer some type of free trial):

  1. WhatRunsWhere.com (probably the best on the market $399 for desktop and mobile)
  2. Adbeat.com (starts at $299/mo, but the $399 version is where it’s at)
  3. SEMRush (Adwords research at a lower price and with less data than Adbeat $70/mo)
  4. SocialAdNinja.com (Facebook Ad spy…word is still out as this one is new and FB is ever changing)


If you learned from this series or if you just found yourself infotained…will you do me a solid and post a comment on your favorite tip…and maybe even share it with your friends? I’ll love you forever for it!

Phone Calls…to Humans…A Terrifying and Novel Idea That Works

I’ll never forget the day my friend Dane Maxwell blew my marketing mind. He told me he had discovered each of his multi-million dollar business ideas, and learned precisely how to sell them, by “cold calling people on the phone.

An audible gasp could be heard around his living room as each of us, in our own minds, imagined using our cell phones to call living beings and ask them probing marketing questions.

I was at Dane’s house for a women’s group he hosted each week (for free!) to teach us how to sell from a place of power and intuition, and charge what our services were worth. To this group, the idea of cold calling to test the market was not only foreign – it was downright terrifying.

Still…there is NOTHING as powerful as a one-on-one conversation with your ideal client to understand precisely what they need from you and how to sell it.

If you are truly curious, know the right questions, and actively listen, even 10 minutes with your ideal client is enough time to discover a brilliant million-dollar idea…

Just ask Dane…in one 10-minute call he built a relationship with the person who not only gave him the raw idea for what became a multi-million dollar software product, but also became his first tester, investor and client.

So…just what are the right questions?

I have created a script…derived from the notes I took all those many months ago sitting at Dane’s feet, learning from the true master of sales and product development himself.   Alas, I can only share it with subscribers.  Subscribe using the opt in box on the right…and send me an email once you do and I will send you the script personally.

Now OWN THAT PHONE and Dial Like Your Finances Depend On It! They very well might.

Until tomorrow,


P.S.  Find more about Dane here.

When in Doubt, Chat It Out

Deep inside me, a struggle is brewing. It’s a struggle between my introverted writer and my extroverted social butterfly. If I’m totally honest, it’s been brewing for quite some time…like since I was 4.
The struggle sounds a little like this:

IW (introverted writer): You have plenty of interaction. You are in many groups and have many chats over private messaging, and you are often interacting on Skype and Zoom with your mentees and clients.
ESB: Online people aren’t real. You need face-to-face, skin-to-skin humans in your daily life.
IW: I am building my empire at the moment. And I’m happy in my office. Plus…Buddy is practically human…even if he is dog.
ESB: Feeling human energy is good for you. Go out into the actual world.
Now, this goes on and on…especially in the winter. I am a fan of neither cold nor dark.

Myers Briggs says I’m an introvert (and I could not agree more), but in the right setting (conferences, events, fitness classes) I am the life of the party and the social-est of butterflies. I can work a room, no doubt.

Why am I telling you this and what does it have to do with marketing???

Tip 5 of 7 of How to Know Your Market’s Language Fast is: Chat rooms.

And by chat rooms, I do NOT mean FB groups. I mean those old school chat rooms, away from the prying eyes of social media and your great aunt Betty.

Here’s the thing…No matter what, on social media, you will get the persona people want you to see. Can you do incredible market research there? One hundred thousand million billion percent. Especially places like FB Groups and YouTube comments…

But those old school chat rooms…there is where the real passion lies, where you can see someone tear apart or obsess on a product or service , where you can engage with people you would never otherwise meet, on a one-on-one level, and really ask the questions you want to know:

  • What provokes you to buy X ?
  • What motivates you to want more X?
  • I noticed Y,Z, and 3 about X product…what did you notice?
  • What would you pay if they could give you this feature or that feature?

You get the picture. Anonymity behind a screen and (even better) a screen name is like Jim Carrey’s honesty spell in Liar Liar.

Does this tip take a bit more work than the Social “stalking” or GTS? If you’re like me and not really adept at navigating chat rooms, it does…but the results are worth every moment. THIS IS WHERE THE MONEY IS…this is the one way mirror of the ad agencies of old.

This is KNOWING how your market feels, what pressures they are under, how they speak about their truths, what exactly they want and don’t want.

And, let’s put that greater effort into perspective here…you still don’t have to put on pants.

Another thing you don’t have to put on pants for…the monthly 3 hour deep dive, no holds barred, critique and training calls…just one of the incredible perks you receive as a member of Copy Confidential Collective.

Get in line for the no obligation waiting list to be one of the first 10 by clicking this link (there is only a Thank you page on the other side…my tagging system does the rest).

– Lindsay

Google That Sh*t

No one has ever accused me of being overly ladylike, especially in my speech. No matter how well read and well written, I’ve always had the mouth of a trucker. If the trucker swears a lot. Some probably don’t.

I can’t apologize for it…I mean, it’s my way, but I can edit the spelling to suit those that may have younger audiences around at inopportune times. So there’s that.

Tip 4 of 7 of the simplest, easiest and fastest ways to know what your market specifically searches for when they are looking for a solution like yours.

Good Ole Google.

What did we used to do before we could GTS? We will talk about that in #6. Back to Google…

Now, I’m not talking about searching and reading to guess where your market is….I’m talking about the fabulous and totally underutilized Google fill-in-the-blank function .

As you’ve guessed by now, or read on my website, I am not much of a “market niche” copywriter. My niches are email, marketing online product launches, sales pages and advertorials.

Advertorials in particular bring me to all kinds of different markets and, because revenue is often based on price per click (PPC), I need to know exactly what the market is looking for in order to plan my short but riveting copy.

Recently the product was laser liposuction…

Ready to try it with me?

Get a browser page open to Google. Type “laser lipo” into the bar but don’t press enter…what comes up for you? For me it looks like this:

Within two seconds, I know people are most interested in Proximity, Technology, and Cost.

BOOM! Outline complete.

Super simple right…there is no need to struggle to understand your market with so many fantastic tools to help us along the way.

GTS – and remember, come join us on Facebook at THE FREELANCE SCHOOL where we continue the conversation and create even more every day.

– Lindsay

If You Can’t Find It On Amazon…

One of my first big copywriting clients sold high-end baby slings.

Now, although I am a woman, I am not a mother. I have never carried a child in my arms for long periods, day after day, nor have I ever “worn” a baby. In fact, despite living in a very baby-wearing community, I had never heard actually heard the term “baby-wearing.”

I was completely naïve in the ways of the baby-wearing world, yet I was hired to create the client’s Black Friday campaign…a make-it-or-break-it, one-day-only, succeed-or-fall-flat-on-my-ass opportunity. And, I was given two days to do it all: Facebook ad –> Sales Page —> emails. All of it.

Did I panic? No.
Did I drive right out and buy the product to touch it and hold it with a watermelon inside? No.
Did I just write what I personally thought I might want to hear if I had a baby and wanted to be hands free? Hell no!

I had one day and I had to make it count. So I did the one thing I could do to learn the market and their language in the fastest possible way..

I went window shopping on Amazon.

If you aren’t using Amazon as the premiere source for market research, you have made your life too hard for too long. Amazon reviews are simply the BEST source hands down for gathering the language of a market’s desires.

And I’m not just talking about ecommerce products. This works for practically every market…

Let’s take my medical tourism client, for example. This client sells medical tourism concierge services. Clearly not a product sold on Amazon, right? You know what is sold on Amazon?

Books about medical tourism. And get this…in the reviews for these books, people recount their stories of medical tourism…what worked, what didn’t, what they were afraid of, and the questions they had that were answered by the book they read.

The reviews are coming directly from people who have interest or have experienced precisely what my client is trying to sell.

What did I do?

I used these reviews to create my sales page, my FAQs (to respond to frequent objections and questions), I used the titles as ideas for subheadings (although, I did not plagiarize of course). I used the language in the editors’ notes to learn to write about medical tourism in a simple way.

And then I used the “people who bought this also bought…” feature to see what else interested those interested in medical tourism.

Try this trick with your own market. Be creative. There is so much to be learned from Amazon descriptions, lists, paid links, and recommendation features.

Amazon has done the research on your market through real life experience with REAL human buyers millions of times a day….

Go forth and research smarter… Tip 4 of our series “7 Fast Ways To Know Your Market” comes tomorrow.

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The Greatest Lesson I Learned (Recently) From Ryan Levesque

The Greatest Lesson I learned from Ryan Levesque

I was recently one of 35 people invited to a very special one-day event put on by the genius marketer Ryan Levesque (founder of the ASK Method). I don’t say this to brag, because frankly it’s not brag worthy…I was invited because I purchased something from him and I was one of the first to do so.

Regardless of how it came about, the opportunity to have dinner with Ryan (and sit right across from him), ask him my questions and get individualized answers, and learn from someone so highly skilled in such an intimate setting was well worth the price of admission.

I’ve already shared the SECOND GREATEST LESSON I learned from Ryan in my Facebook Group. Today I’ll share the GREATEST, MOST VALUABLE LESSON here with you –

The 4 Buyer Types

If you are a marketer of any product (except maybe a necessity for which there is no competition), your messaging must specifically speak to each of these buyer types:

1. Spontaneous, aka Early Adopter – likes to do something “NEW” and take risks

2. Methodical, aka Question Man – Loves to ask questions and comparison shop.

3. Humanistic, aka The Voyeur – Driven by connection and story.

4. Competitive, aka The Deadline Dancer – Waits till last minute for everything.

Every single one of these buyers is on your list (or your clients’ lists). And every one of them needsto be sold based on their instinctual motives to buy.

If you do not market to each buy type, you are leaving money on the table. Every single time.

Not sure how to effectively market to 4 avatars at once? You’re in luck!

I’ll be deep diving into this lesson and MUCH more during the first meeting of the Copy Confidential Collective. More information about the collective is forthcoming…if you aren’t on my email list, there is an opt-in in the sidebar just for you.



If you sell products or services (or work for someone who does) and you have not read ASK, you should. Find it HERE.


Come find out the SECOND BEST LESSON in our Freelance School Facebook Group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/thefreelanceschool

Tensions Are High In Facebook Land

Facebook is BLOWING UP! Post wars, Comment Fights, Memes predicting America’s impending greatness or America’s impending doom…

Friends are unfriending actual, real life friends. Foes are bonding over shared hatred or love.

Photos and live videos of marches around the country. Praise for our old president.

Photos and live videos of inauguration celebrations around the country. Praise for our new president.

It’s hard to look away and get any work done…like waiting for a catastrophe, not knowing when the earth will quake or the hurricane will hit.

To me, social media is one of the most riveting reality shows. Want to really understand the nature of human kind, the psychology of what makes people act? Follow them on social media.

Whenever I take on a client, one of the very first things I do is find the people active on their individual or business social media sites. Then I social “stalk” their most active followers. I see what other products they love, what other people they follow, what videos and articles they share.

I can immediately figure out the heart beat of their market, and how to reach them. I can use their customers’ own words to engage and delight them…right into pressing the buy button.

Social Stalking (in the most benign and non threatening sense of the term) is one of the 7 ways I can so quickly understand any client market…and the reason I have been hired to write in over 20 industries in the past year.

If you want to know the rest of the 7…stay tuned. Tomorrow I share a serious pro tip from none other than the ASK Method customer segmentation genius himself, Ryan Levesque.

And if the noise on Facebook gives you a headache, come visit my BRAND SPANKING NEW (half finished, but live) WEBSITE: LindsaySacks.com

– Lindsay

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