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April 14, 2017

For Those Days When Your Brilliance Is Dim…

Everyone has days like these…and I’m glad I know they do.

Before I developed friendships with many entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches and the like, I thought everyone was always hustling, winning, productive every single day. And always with a smile.

What a joke.

I thought no one understood the on again/off again days. The days where 2 solid hours of excellent productivity are followed by 6 hours of trying, and failing, to get back in the flow.

Where exercise, nature walking, shower breaks, lunch breaks and another cup of coffee simply cannot restart your engines.

Deadlines coming…plans tomorrow…just one more section of the writing is hard to come by.

A butt in seat problem. A fight against my own power.

I’m glad to know now that we all have these days. It’s nothing to fret over or beat myself up for.

It’s my subconscious telling me to relax. Avoid the frazzle. Kick my feet up.

My blast of motivation, creativity and acceleration toward the goal is on its way….

When I stop straining and stressing.

If you find yourself on a rough path of resistance…remember, it’s best to go with the flow and allow resistance to pass than fight it head on and get yourself in a tizzy.

We have all been there. Often. And those of us who ultimately succeed understand…

The next burst of brilliance is about to break through.

March 28, 2017

Come on Lindsay! Think of the Olympians!


I (practically) cried at the gym today. Real tears. As in, I had to have the following stern discussion with myself:

“Lindsay! There is no crying in the gym. You’ve gotta be tough. Think of the Olympians!”

Less than one year ago, I was in really solid shape. In this same gym, I could show up daily and rock through my workouts…lifting over 225 lbs. with my legs, more than 10 times…or lunging around the building with heavy weights overhead.

Back then, I could finish an hour long spin class. And do more things…

Today…I was fatigued to the point of nausea after only 15 minutes. At a very low pace.

I never chose to leave the gym.

My hands chose it.

First with an injury to my left thumb, then with some sort of nerve damage in my right fingers.

I could have gone back, but I didn’t. Instead, I began to write and work like a madwoman (and follow the work with ice cream and candy corn and Cadbury cream eggs).

I used pain and then rain as an excuse to stay home.

I got sick and then tired.

Enough is enough.

Thankfully, I had my trainer to return to…

The same trainer who kicked me out of the gym when my hand was broken but I would not get it taken care of…

He pushes me to finish, but reminds me to be patient. He teaches me about muscle memory and assures me I will get back to where I was.

He will not allow me to quit but he will also not allow me to compare where I am now to where I was when I was at the top of my game.

He makes me want to go to the gym, even when it is hard, even when I get nauseous or dizzy from exertion, even when I’m frustrated because I can’t do what I used to. I still want to go.

And so it must be for any coach, guide or mentor.

Whether you pay her for 1:1 coaching or whether you receive your mentorship from afar through daily emails.

As I reviewed your surveys, I noticed several things…

  • My emails are read by a very diverse bunch of people with diverse business strategies and positions.
  • The diverse people all have one thing in common: A desire to learn to make more money in their respective craft…and to do very soon.

I felt a distinct frustration in the group…and I know you all wanted more concrete pathways to selling.

I get it. Marketing is fun but it sure is frustrating.

Happily, there is no one-size-fits-many solution to making money quickly. Sure the goo-roos will tell you their program is one way, or even a guaranteed way…but if that was so, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

I cannot walk into the gym, have a trainer hand me the workout plan that built Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 20 something body into a 7-time Mr. Universe winner, and expect it to squeeze my 40 year old body back into a bikini like shape by May.

I need a trainer’s knowledge, his guidance, his gentle nudge when I’m tired or frustrated or just want to quit. I need to be accountable to show up and to push myself.

So too, I cannot expect one step-by-step, fill-in-the-blank tool to provide me a path to copywriting superstardom and rockstar millionairess status. I need my mentors to show me how they made it…what principles they followed to attract clients, to write converting copy, to build their expertise, their teams and their good name.

And you, my friend, do too.

The best we can do as we learn and grow is to surround ourselves with the people right in front of us on the path we wish to take…those who will mentor us and show us the way and push us through our frustration and fears.

Who will help you forge your way to more clients, better results and greater mastery of your craft?

If you are truly committed to learning to grow your copy business through networking, connecting, prospecting, selling and exceptional service and results, your mentor could be me:

I have one spot open for 1:1 mentorship and will not take on another person until after summer at the earliestconnect with me if you are interested.

Coach Sacks


I have read your comments, received your emails, and I have heard you.

Great workshops and technical emails are in the works to help you move up the ladder on your way to success…

Pricing: How to know what to charge for your first big freelance project?


In every sweet new freelancer’s heart, a hope appears. A hope for their first BIG job.

Not the one off blog post or the teenie tiny splash page with three bullets and a button..

I’m talking The BIG One.

Maybe it’s a daily email retainer that pays all the business bills.

Maybe it’s the long form sales page for a high value product that pays the big residual down the line.

Or maybe it’s my personal favorite, a full funnel from paid ad to upsell (or down) with webinar scripts and 3 VSLs, and affiliate mail to boot.

My first 4-figure “big break” came in the form of a simple funnel: 4 Facebook ads to advertorial teaser to webinar email reminder series to short sales letter to cart.

It was June, and I was a freshly minted Copywriter. I’d actually minted myself, since, sadly, there is no fairy godmother of copy to sprinkle dust and make the declaration to the world on our behalf.

And by “minted myself” I mean, I announced it on Facebook. And if it’s Facebook official, it must be true.

So here I am, faced with a big job straight out of the gate…

Aside from one course and reading some books, I had natural skill and a dream.

And a vast network…

I knew I needed a portfolio fast, so I’d reached out to my Mastermind Group for leads. The job was mine the very next day, “Just send me a proposal.”


What in the world was I supposed to charge for that much work…and how much time would that actually take?

Clearly, I wasn’t gonna be a super rookie and charge by the hour.

I didn’t have a mentor to turn to at the time, but I did have ONE PROPOSAL TRICK I’d learned from business consulting…and I’d been using it for the few tiny jobs I’d had up until this point.

Pre-proposal time tracking is the key to proper pricing…

It is NEVER too early to start tracking your time. Before I was asked to propose on my first full funnel, I had been tracking my time as I studied and worked on a tiny smattering of mini-jobs.

I knew how long it took me to write an email.
I knew how long it took me to do client research.
Even though I’d never written one, I kind of knew how long a sales page would take based on the other stuff (although I was very light on the editing time).

Armed with just this tiny timeline, I could figure out how to price my very first job.

Here’s an example:

I knew if it took me a half hour to write a persuasive, infotaining email, and I had to write 30 of them for the launch, and I needed to make at least $100 per hour over a 20 hour “chargeable” week to live…well, my emails had to be $50 per. Right? **

And so it went. For every part of the funnel I figured out the minimum it would take for me to survive while writing.  Of course, you ultimately want to charge more than what you need to stay alive eating ramen.  You want to be at or, once proven, well above market rate.

Still, for your first few jobs, getting hired to write copy while staying alive is a very valid goal.  

Do not wait until you have a BIG opportunity to figure out how long things take. You will inevitably lose your shirt, and possibly your house by way underestimating how fast you can write, way overestimating the number of hours you can write in a day, and thus, charging less than you should.

You MUST track your time NOW.


I love Toggl for this.

It’s free to use the basics, it’s super easy and it’s available on your phone and desktop, so you have no excuse to not understand IN TOTAL how you spend your day.

Don’t make the mistake of just tracking writing time either!

You need to know how many hours you have to work for clients…how much time you prospect, read, learn…and how much time is sucked away scrolling on social.

If you don’t have it, go get Toggl…



I’m not an affiliate of Toggl…Just spreading the word on an app I love and use.
I do sometimes promote products as an affiliate (if you have one you’d like me to try, by all means, get in touch) but Toggl is not one.

** Pricing is illustrative only and is in no way indicative of my actual charge rates (or living wage rate).

I scoffed when I read his proposal…and then he revealed the results.

His proposal landed coveted projects making him a copy star, with lots of cash and a travel lifestyle the envy of the world.

Still, I scoffed at his ways. The proposal read like a mid-form sales letter…aggressive and full of bravado, with images and bold typeface and pure bravado.

Nothing like mine at all. My proposal was professional, high brow, reminiscent of my accounting days…and it was working.

Why recreate the wheel…I was too busy and too…


I was afraid if I wrote a sales letter proposal, the prospect would not find my copy good enough. And would not hire me. So I maintained my low prices and boring businessy ways.


I hit some wins, attracted some big name clients, and decided to make more money.

Suddenly, my tired ole proposals would not convert and I was headed for the poor house…

Fear of failure drove me to try his methods (after spending thousands on his coaching)…and BOOM! Every proposal since has brought cold hard cash into my coffers.

My new proposal template has brought me over $10K in the last two weeks alone.


Crafting the perfect proposal for your niche, knowing how to properly price and present your pricing, identifying and overcoming objections and finding social proof even if you’ve not had many clients or wins…is just one of the many income-generating, client wowing skills you will learn in CCC.

>>>Click here to learn more<<<<

Where will you be in 6 months without CCC? You could be in the same exact position you are now, paid far less for your expertise than you are truly worth…

Or for less than $10 per day, you could be closing with confidence, generating a solid income. You could have leads coming directly to you…rather than you begging them to notice you in a noisy crowd. You could finally be on the path toward freelance freedom.


The choice is yours to make. I’ll be inside.



The mentor who puts up with my resistance and persuades me to do it his way is Trevor “ToeCracker” Crook. Follow him on the ole Facebook…his headlines alone will make your day!

January 31, 2017

One Thing You MUST Do To Guarantee Better Results

2017.  One Twelfth Done.

How’d you do? Are you at least 1/12 of the way to your 2017 goals? Do you even know? Are you keeping track?

The most important thing I learned during my corporate life was this: Goals are at least a monthly activity. Period.

So many entrepreneurs make a HUGE deal our of New Years… making annual goals, challenges, plans, mapping deadlines and calendars for the year, recommiting to health and spiritual and personal development…

New Year New You is the spirit of December…programs are sold, webinars watched, everyone in the spirit of the refresh…Next Year will be better!

Then Jan 31 happens and no one says a thing. Most don’t even bother to glance at the goals they slaved over in the final days of the year past, let alone measure the actual performance and reforecast their goals for the next 12-months.

In Corporate, the focus was on a rolling twelve month period. Except for one annual budget, every end of month was New Years. EVERY MONTH, we looked at what we did right and what we did wrong…and we forecasted how we would meet the budget, where we would adjust our priorities, and what we could commit to for the month ahead.

We did this in detail, and I continue to do so to this day.

There are 5 pertinent questions I ask myself each month:

1. What were the 3 biggest wins and were they a surprise or planned?
2. What were the 3 biggest losses and were they a surprise or intentional?
3. Am I on track with my monthly and annual budget and if not, what is my immediate plan to catch up?
4. What are the 3 realistic and measurable commitments I am making in my life for the next month (these come from my 3 weakest areas, which right now is fitness, wellness, and social).
5. How will I scale back to make time for these 3 commitments (so I do not fall off on the areas of strength) – for me this is outsourcing and less time on social media and getting up with urgency in the morning.

If you are truly running your own business, then you must do what successful businesses do. Are you?

Let me know!

– Lindsay


During the month of February, I will be teaching the business of becoming a prosperous freelancer, consultant and coach in my Facebook Group The Freelance School. Come join us!

January 30, 2017

Stop Your Sniveling and Get On With Making Money

Full disclosure: I spent two full years of “entrepreneurship” focused on “not running out of money.”

Like…every waking moment I worried about going broke.
I worried about overspending.
I worried about which market I could make the most money in the fastest to get to the lazy lifestyle of financial freedom before I went broke.

What do you think happened?

I ran out of money. That’s what happened.

And ONLY AFTER I RAN OUT…after 2 years of learning, and personal development, and studying, and hoping, and praying, and researching, and spending money on all the peripheral things to a business (business cards, website builds, domain names, branding, training, more and more training, book buying, etc.) did I FINALLY decide to actually do the thing that would create the money:

Sell and Produce.

Selling creates the money.

Producing results creates even more of the money, because people rehire and refer people who produce results.

Money is NOT created by the fancy business card, or domain name, or website, or logo…

Money is created by having a product or skill someone needs, and letting them know you are willing to provide it for a price (selling).

When I first started, I had to price my copy very low so people would take a chance on me, but I could not give it away for free – because I was broke. And also because people don’t value free.

When I focused on making money instead of running out of it…money was made. But not because of the Law Of Attraction. Not because I willed it or visualized it to be so.

Money came because I sold my value to people who needed it. First to people who knew, liked and trusted me, then to people who wanted similar results.

My first lesson to people who coach with me is…stop getting ready to get ready and DO THE THING. Do the thing that will bring in money. Today.

I am doing the thing right now…emailing daily to give help you so you will ultimately know, like and trust me enough to eventually buy something from me: a program, or coaching, or a spot in my mastermind.

Speaking of which, I will soon be opening registration for my group coaching and mastermind program Copy Confidential Collaborative. The beta group is going to be seriously cheap…and you will be grandfathered at the low rate for a full year if you stick with it.

You will also become a far better marketer, copywriter, networker, and seller as part of the group than if you go it alone. Stay tuned!

– Lindsay