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April 27, 2017

Ideal Clients Are Everywhere

clients everywhere

The book of face…Facebook…2 days ago I see a “rant post” from a copywriter friend of mine, a friend with 15 years of experience writing words that persuade people to part with their cold hard cash.

His rant is about the guru market and how full of shyt many of them are…how they aren’t doing what they say they do or making what they say they make, and it was making him damn near sick!

An existential marketing crisis to be sure.

How can one write words that persuade people to part with their cold hard cash when, in one’s heart, they know the guru and his program are built on lies?

I believe every marketer will hit the wall my friend hit the other day…

What I reminded him, and what I remind you now, is CLIENTS ARE EVERYWHERE.

Every market.
Every niche.
Every type of business.
All need copy.

Now, you may be thinking, “Lindsay, if this is true, why can’t I find clients?”

To which I say…you can.

I was luxuriating by the pool this weekend reading fiction and “taking time off” when I received not one, but two, inquiries from business owners I had met weeks ago: One at a conference and another at a restaurant in an airport.

We met, I continued the connection on Facebook, commenting on posts, sending a link or two I thought may interest them.

When they were ready for a copywriter, who did they call? The one they knew, the one who committed to stay in contact and followed through.

Although luxuriating by the pool, I answered the calls, and within an hour, I had a few extra thou in my sacks o’cash.

Neither of these clients are in my “ideal niches” and neither of the engagements are my normal high-4 to low-5 figure full launches.

So what? The clients and I connected, their industries are interesting and new. And I believe in what they’re selling and in them.

You never need to stick to one thing. You can branch out, add to your repertoire, sing a new tune.

Clients are everywhere.
Connect and sell!



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April 14, 2017

For Those Days When Your Brilliance Is Dim…

Everyone has days like these…and I’m glad I know they do.

Before I developed friendships with many entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches and the like, I thought everyone was always hustling, winning, productive every single day. And always with a smile.

What a joke.

I thought no one understood the on again/off again days. The days where 2 solid hours of excellent productivity are followed by 6 hours of trying, and failing, to get back in the flow.

Where exercise, nature walking, shower breaks, lunch breaks and another cup of coffee simply cannot restart your engines.

Deadlines coming…plans tomorrow…just one more section of the writing is hard to come by.

A butt in seat problem. A fight against my own power.

I’m glad to know now that we all have these days. It’s nothing to fret over or beat myself up for.

It’s my subconscious telling me to relax. Avoid the frazzle. Kick my feet up.

My blast of motivation, creativity and acceleration toward the goal is on its way….

When I stop straining and stressing.

If you find yourself on a rough path of resistance…remember, it’s best to go with the flow and allow resistance to pass than fight it head on and get yourself in a tizzy.

We have all been there. Often. And those of us who ultimately succeed understand…

The next burst of brilliance is about to break through.

March 16, 2017

Stop Chasing BSOs…here’s how:

You may or may not know this, but I was once a corporate woman.

The kind that wears high heels and pencil skirts and sits in a corner office surrounded by windows with an assistant outside “holding my calls.”

The kind that sits around a boardroom presenting financial information rounded to the nearest million to investors and board members alike.

The kind that builds incredibly powerful teams around her so all may rise together for the benefit of each individual and the business as a whole.

I was not a copywriter back in those days. Finance and accounting were my games, and I helped sell companies, either to investors or on the public market.

My signature was urgently needed on documents moving hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, multiple times a day.

Why am I telling you this?

Because story is important…and our past breeds our future.

In this era of bright shiny object syndrome, understanding your superpowers can be the difference between a moderate living and an exceptional one.

Falling prey to each offer, to each idea, to each new internet guru or next generation of product can paralyze progress.

But chasing each and every potentially profitable idea will leave you digging your own grave to poverty.

Are you a connector, a team builder, a worker, an owner?

Are you a risk taker or risk adverse?

Do you work better alone or in groups? As a leader or as a teammate?

Are you introverted or extroverted?

Focus your decisions on this one goal…and your path will be clear:

Know yourself, accelerate your strengths and find partners to offset your shortcomings.

Only once you know yourself can you stop chasing each and every BSO and start to put your focus on your magnifying your genius.

If you haven’t done it lately or ever, this Myers Briggs-like personality test is a good way to get started…
Reply to this post and share your letters with me.

Talk soon,

Lindsay “ISPT – the Virtuoso” Sacks O’Cash
(aka – an introvert with feelz)

Edutain and Engage or No Sales For You.

Warning: This email includes praise for Tai Lopez…viewer discretion advised.

Love him or hate him, no one can deny the marketing success of Tai Lopez.

I used to rally against this guy. He seemed so full of crap with is garage and his books and his Mensa membership and his over the top attitude…

I worried about his message to the young people of the world…I worried about those following him expecting massive success with garages full of Lamborghinis and pockets full of cash…and falling way short.

A walking conspiracy theory, many believe his entire persona is made up…that he is the face person of an evil genius set up to steal money from America’s youth in exchange for infotainment and a promise of riches if only they apply his teachings.

I met Tai at T&C, and not just in the “I saw him walking and got a selfie” kind of way.

I actually met an old roommate of his from his days as a new marketer, and got to hang out with him and his entourage (which included a videographer and several bodyguards, along with car guards for his orange and black Lambo) for about 30 minutes.

Just hang out. Not talk shop, not hear a speech…just hang in the VIP room and shoot the shyt.

Outcome: I think the guy is legit. I signed up for his list. Love him or not, he is definitely smart as a whip about business, finance and marketing.

And he garners a LOT of respect from those in the VIP boardroom…far from the haters in the general T&C population.

Not to mention, his Snap Chat game is hard core (I tried to copy his phone handling skills and dropped mine about 10 times).

Now, I’m not just telling you all of this so you’ll think I’m super VIP by association. I’m telling you this because Tai gave a tip at one of the parties around town, and I want to pass it along to you.

*** TIP OF THE DAY ***

Edutainment (or infotainment) will be the ONLY way to sell as we move forward into 2017 and beyond.

People are tired of boring benefit bullets or educational facts. They want to be delighted, entertained, and told a story.

Sure, you have to provide the info…but it must be combined with the ‘tainment to caputre the audience’s scattered attention and allow them to leave their lives for a while and listen to you.

In tomorrow’s email I am going to share some slides straight from the Traffic and Conversion stage showing you the precise storytelling formula that works to infotain and delight prospects…and leads them straight to your shopping cart.

Stay tuned…


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February 22, 2017

17,896 misses…and he tries again

He lost every single time…and still became a legend in the hearts of children everywhere. Every time we saw him, we routed for him to finally kick that ball…finally get some respect from his puppy…finally get the valentine from that little red-haired girl.

Of course, I am talking about good ole Charlie Brown.

In all 17,897 comic strips, Charlie Brown never once successfully kicks the football from Lucy. He always ended up flat on his back, tweety birds flying around his bald little head.

Talk about eternal optimism (even though he portrayed the pouty pessimist so well).

That kind of gumption takes an incredible strength of spirit…

Not unlike the strength of spirit needed to push through the peaks and (especially) the pits of entrepreneurship.

Do you ever just have one of those days, or weeks, or months where your best laid plans, your lead generation, marketing campaigns, technology, and sales all go down the tubes at once?

Have you ever questioned what the hell you are doing, whether you have what it takes to succeed out there on your own?

I’m sure you’ve seen the popular meme, where the entrepreneur goes through the day alternating between the nirvana of sales and freedom and the hell of rejection and fear.

Do not tap out!

Struggling, failing, kicking and missing and falling flat on your back over and over…is how we learn. How we become what we are born to be.

Poor ole Charlie Brown…he never did get to kick that ball or kiss the little red haired girl…but he did become an icon.

What will you become?

Talk soon,

– Lindsay

Sacks O’Cash Book Club Presents: The War of Art

You’d think with Sacks O’Cash coining the name of my monthly book club, I’d be recommending books about money money money. After all, I’m not called Sacks O’Cash for nothing…

Oh contrare moonfrare. I’m a former accountant, turned finance executive, turned mergers and acquisition and sales consultant of big businesses. Ultimately turned freelance copywriter totally unwilling to write in financial markets…because…burnout.

I’m also a recovering money hoarder…but that is a story for another day.

And while I believe from the deepest parts of my soul that an abundant money mindset mixed with conservative fiscal planning and deep personal financial literacy is a mix necessary to run successful business…

This month is all about one of my favorite classics…and totally unrelated to the moolah. Except, without understanding the key lessons in the War of Art, you are not gonna make moolah in the entrepreneurial game.

So, my friend, if you have not read it or have not read it for a while, it’s time to grab a cup of coffee and your comfy chair…

The Art of War teaches you to unleash the wrath upon the mental blocks that stop you from achieving every single day. You will learn all about the villain Resistance and the havoc it wreaks on your business and your soul. And you will gain the super powers to stop Resistance so you can prosper, thrive and create vast wealth and prosperity.

Sacks and Sacks O’Cash. Just as my name suggests…

No go forth…buy the book…let us diligently discuss it in our Facebook Group (click and join if you haven’t already).

– Lindsay

Unlike my reputation that precedes me, I do not have sacks o’cash laying around…I don’t count money in public and this name was given to me as a joke (because of my former profession and subsequent burnout) by a mentor of mine.

Please don’t rob me.

January 31, 2017

One Thing You MUST Do To Guarantee Better Results

2017.  One Twelfth Done.

How’d you do? Are you at least 1/12 of the way to your 2017 goals? Do you even know? Are you keeping track?

The most important thing I learned during my corporate life was this: Goals are at least a monthly activity. Period.

So many entrepreneurs make a HUGE deal our of New Years… making annual goals, challenges, plans, mapping deadlines and calendars for the year, recommiting to health and spiritual and personal development…

New Year New You is the spirit of December…programs are sold, webinars watched, everyone in the spirit of the refresh…Next Year will be better!

Then Jan 31 happens and no one says a thing. Most don’t even bother to glance at the goals they slaved over in the final days of the year past, let alone measure the actual performance and reforecast their goals for the next 12-months.

In Corporate, the focus was on a rolling twelve month period. Except for one annual budget, every end of month was New Years. EVERY MONTH, we looked at what we did right and what we did wrong…and we forecasted how we would meet the budget, where we would adjust our priorities, and what we could commit to for the month ahead.

We did this in detail, and I continue to do so to this day.

There are 5 pertinent questions I ask myself each month:

1. What were the 3 biggest wins and were they a surprise or planned?
2. What were the 3 biggest losses and were they a surprise or intentional?
3. Am I on track with my monthly and annual budget and if not, what is my immediate plan to catch up?
4. What are the 3 realistic and measurable commitments I am making in my life for the next month (these come from my 3 weakest areas, which right now is fitness, wellness, and social).
5. How will I scale back to make time for these 3 commitments (so I do not fall off on the areas of strength) – for me this is outsourcing and less time on social media and getting up with urgency in the morning.

If you are truly running your own business, then you must do what successful businesses do. Are you?

Let me know!

– Lindsay


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