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March 17, 2017

Perry Belcher and the Hollywood Story Formula

Hollywood Story

I’m loving controversial figures these days, and Perry Belcher is certainly one. At least in the digital marketing world.

A MASTER copywriter and marketer, Perry had some legal trouble back in the days before he co-founded Native Commerce and Digital Marketer with Ryan Deiss.

Some remain wary of him; others love him. But most respect his ability to sell online…

And sell he does…everything from $10 flashlights to masterminds for millionaires.

So, when I had the opportunity to attend his storytelling session at the recent Traffic & Conversion Summit, I jumped at the chance. Between you and me, it was the only session I attended (the networking outside the sessions proved a powerful pull, even for an ISTP like me).

As always, my friend, what’s mine is yours…so I’m gifting you a linky-poo to Perry’s storytelling slides (actually, you can get all of the slides from all of his presentations here as well).

No opt in required…just pure, free learning…so take advantage.

Entertainingly Yours,

Lindsay Sacks O’Stories make Sacks O’Cash

February 22, 2017

“Nobody wants to hear from you every day” – The Truth About Daily Emails

An old subscriber to my email list, a man who unsubscribed immediately upon learning I would be sending daily emails, felt it necessary to give me a piece of advice before leaving.

“Nobody wants to hear from you every day”

Okie dokie.

I’ve also had clients really worried they would turn off their own large lists if they begin to email more than the boring ONCE A WEEK newsletter, fearing unsubscribe doom, yet acknowledge they love my daily emails.

No need to fear my dears.

I learned this early on from my email mentor Ben Settle (the rockstar of all things email marketing)…. you will become closer to your list, more endeared, more worthy of their hard earned dollars if you nurture the crap out of your relationships.

For me, that means talking to you daily. Letting you in on my secret marketing tips and why I do what I do.

I want you to succeed.

I want to bring levity into your life.

Like I did for subscriber Leah, who sent me email love just this week:

“I just had to thank you for this email…LMAO”

The moral to the story is this, my friend:

Never ever worry about unsubscribes. Never listen to those who tell you “no one wants to hear from you every day.”

Your tribe, your ideal clients, your unique audience wants to hear from you, learn from you and, yes, they even want to buy from you.

Go forth and nurture your tribe,


I always love to hear from you…let me know what you are enjoying and what you need help with. Thank you for being a part of my tribe.

February 14, 2017

How to use Trending Topics for Email Fodder

Breaking News from 2016…Study on Human Condition Exposed!

May 16, 2016: Pew Research Center releases the results of a vital study of the human condition.

62% of adults worldwide first their news from social media (primarily Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter).

Is this true for you?

It is for me. I don’t have TV (I have Netflix and Hulu). I do sporadically check out a few newspapers online: The Marin IJ, The San Diego UT, Washington Post and NY Times. Typically, if it’s a major story, I’ve heard the headline on Facebook first. I read more fully in the news. I’m in the minority.

So what? Right? So everything!

Creative-Drought-Buster, Make-It-Rain Tip #2: TRENDING TOPICS

Before I go into this..a warning. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE! Do not attempt to use trending topics without deep understanding of our market. (See P.S. Below)

Now, if you know your audience well, using trending topics to break your creative drought is quite simple:

  1. Go to the place your market gets their news. NOT their market news, but their normal news. For example, if you are a selling coaching to fitness professionals, don’t worry about what’s trending in muscle magazine…go to where they get their actual news…Facebook or the sports page in the national paper.
  2. Look at the top 30-40 trending headlines. I currently omit anything political because my job is to entertain, delight and sell…not argue.
  3. Understand the reason for the trend. Is it trending because it’s funny, an escape, a new fashion, a new idea or technology, etc.
  4. Notice the pay-per-click (PPC) ads on the news sites. Use them as swipe copy for your own ad.
  5. Play with using either the actual trending topic OR the type of headline in your copy. Note: Only use an actual trending topic in contemporary writing (email, flash sales, etc.) otherwise your ad will sound like an idiot in a few days.

If nothing else, looking at what is trending can get your brain working on reasons your market will love the product you’re selling. Trends change hourly, so you can always find some fodder for your brain, emails and social media engagement.

More tomorrow.

– Lindsay

By the way…if you are struggling with deepening your market research and knowledge…do not fret. I have a super duper online course coming soon to show you how use my system to connect deep with your audience quick like lightning.  Get on the list by opting in (see sidebar for details).

February 10, 2017

Make It Rain: Overcoming Creative Droughts

creative drought

I’m not a huge believer in writer’s block.

Experience has shown, my “writer’s block” is almost always “butt in seat I don’t feel like working I am too involved with procrastinating or facebook or watching TV” block.

Still, sometimes my writing is complete crap…because my creative juices are dried up. I’m in a creative drought.

And I write for a living. And I write every day. Giving into a creative drought is simply not an option for little ole me.

So, what can you do to squeeze water out of a rock? Not possible. You MUST find a way to make it rain…

Drought Buster #1: Cosmo

Headlines mess with my head. Often. And when the headlines are messing with my head…I find it hard to move forward with the sales page. Because everything must lead from the headline.

Cosmo often saves the day. Do you know that Cosmo pays their copywriters multiple six-figures JUST for front cover headlines? Cosmo headlines have the reputation as the best grabbers in the magazine biz…

So when I need some inspiration, I start there. I look at structure, and key words, and trends. I think of my own market and how I can modify their ideas to fit my clients’ businesses (most of my clients don’t quite fit the Cosmo mold).

The best part: You don’t have to buy Cosmo. If you google “Cosmo covers” the images abound. You can use current or far past issues. Doesn’t matter. Just get to headline brainstorming and you can often get the creative juices flowing.


Over the next 4 days, those subscribed to my list will receive 4 more of my favorite drought busters to make the creative rains fall….quickly, so you can get on with the business of marketing.  Want to subscribe?  Form is on your right —>

I will also be holding a contest to win one of my two FAVORITE marketing books for anyone who shares a drought buster I’ve never heard of…so stay tuned…

– Lindsay

P.S. I’m still accepting interviews for my 1:1 coaching. If you’re ready to reject your Resistance and Conquer Your Copy…schedule your interview HERE.

Praise From Halfway Around The World…

NOTHING makes me happier than getting loves from my list. Even Sacks O’Cash coming in from programs and clients make me feel as warm and fuzzy as those who are inspired by my words.

Not that I don’t love sales…like, that’s my bread and butter baby…

But getting an email like this from Houry, a subscriber in Dubai, gives me all the feelz…

“You’ve asked me to write a recommendation right after my complementary session with you, although you gave me some wonderful tips I still thought it was too soon to ask..

Then you started sending this amazing newsletters, I’d rather call them little “informative” and super “inspiring” stories, that you actually pushed my button to start thinking in a creative way of marketing my business, instead of just sticking to my old boring routine. I’ve unsubscribed from almost 90% of the marketing emails that I receive daily, to keep room for the ones I truly appreciate, yours is my top priority, I just can’t wait to read what you’re going to write next.

Today I want to thank you for being such an inspiring and passionate person. Please keep up the great work!”

What I love most is this: Houry takes these little tips I send and she becomes inspired…and thinks differently about her marketing.

THIS is what I am to do…help business owners, freelancers, marketers, and writers think differently about how they sell products so they can stop fiddling around with the small dollars and start making an IMPACT.

Only a few more days till I (finally, I know) spill the deets on CCC (Copywriting Confidential Collective). Will you be one of the 10 that join???

Better get on the list…first invite goes to those who have hit the link.

– Lindsay