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May 11, 2017

How Email Marketing Builds Your Business

Yesterday, a newer member of my elite email list unsubscribed.

This, in and of itself, is no big deal. While my rate of unsub is Antartically low, it happens. To be brutally honest, I don’t really even notice.

But this member notified me, basically stating he was leaving because he was “sick of me selling in my emails.”

Holy Crap! I hope he isn’t a business owner, copywriter or marketer…

I love writing and sharing my tips of the trade with you, but I don’t give out my hard won wisdom for free. After all, you are a powerful business owner…not someone needing handouts and freebies.

Instead, I’m participating in the fine art of email marketing (and I hope you taking my example and others, and are doing the same with your lists).

I write emails to build a relationship with you…daily emails carefully crafted to bring you serious strategies you can use right away to build your influence, excellence, and make cold hard cash.

What my friend the unsub didn’t seem to understand is this:

Email marketing has an ultimate goal…turning a prospect into a happy, successful client.

Email marketing builds a camaraderie. We learn about each other. I email you…you email me.

When it’s time for me to make you a super valuable offer, you know me, you trust me and the quality I bring, and therefore you are hopefully excited to buy my offer

After all, I’ve proven to you I will go above and beyond to give exponentially more than the price I charge,

Take, for example, my latest offer for Deep Dive Into Mastering The Art of The Follow-Up where I share conference follow-up strategies that will score you friends, clients, and referral partners for years to come.

When you attend live on Zoom, you can ask me anything you’d like about the entire conference connecting series. We will walk through your specific scenarios as well as the content I’ve prepared.

I will give you the exact organization and connecting method I have used to close over $100K of freelance writing business in my first 6 months of freelancing, all from people I met at conferences.

The same exact strategy I used to close 6-figure deals in my consulting business.

I’m charging $47 until May 12. Then, it’s $97.

How much can you make from one strategic connection? 20x that? 50x? 100x? More?

Sounds like a win/win to me. Join us on May 23 at 5pm Pacific (or you can get access to the recording and email me the Q&A).

Click here to join…

Never let a great connection slip or money making opportunity through the cracks due to lack of skillful follow-up. Ever. Again.

Click Here to Grab Your Spot.

Lindsay “Shakin’ My Money Maker” Sacks

February 22, 2017

“Nobody wants to hear from you every day” – The Truth About Daily Emails

An old subscriber to my email list, a man who unsubscribed immediately upon learning I would be sending daily emails, felt it necessary to give me a piece of advice before leaving.

“Nobody wants to hear from you every day”

Okie dokie.

I’ve also had clients really worried they would turn off their own large lists if they begin to email more than the boring ONCE A WEEK newsletter, fearing unsubscribe doom, yet acknowledge they love my daily emails.

No need to fear my dears.

I learned this early on from my email mentor Ben Settle (the rockstar of all things email marketing)…. you will become closer to your list, more endeared, more worthy of their hard earned dollars if you nurture the crap out of your relationships.

For me, that means talking to you daily. Letting you in on my secret marketing tips and why I do what I do.

I want you to succeed.

I want to bring levity into your life.

Like I did for subscriber Leah, who sent me email love just this week:

“I just had to thank you for this email…LMAO”

The moral to the story is this, my friend:

Never ever worry about unsubscribes. Never listen to those who tell you “no one wants to hear from you every day.”

Your tribe, your ideal clients, your unique audience wants to hear from you, learn from you and, yes, they even want to buy from you.

Go forth and nurture your tribe,


I always love to hear from you…let me know what you are enjoying and what you need help with. Thank you for being a part of my tribe.

February 22, 2017

17,896 misses…and he tries again

He lost every single time…and still became a legend in the hearts of children everywhere. Every time we saw him, we routed for him to finally kick that ball…finally get some respect from his puppy…finally get the valentine from that little red-haired girl.

Of course, I am talking about good ole Charlie Brown.

In all 17,897 comic strips, Charlie Brown never once successfully kicks the football from Lucy. He always ended up flat on his back, tweety birds flying around his bald little head.

Talk about eternal optimism (even though he portrayed the pouty pessimist so well).

That kind of gumption takes an incredible strength of spirit…

Not unlike the strength of spirit needed to push through the peaks and (especially) the pits of entrepreneurship.

Do you ever just have one of those days, or weeks, or months where your best laid plans, your lead generation, marketing campaigns, technology, and sales all go down the tubes at once?

Have you ever questioned what the hell you are doing, whether you have what it takes to succeed out there on your own?

I’m sure you’ve seen the popular meme, where the entrepreneur goes through the day alternating between the nirvana of sales and freedom and the hell of rejection and fear.

Do not tap out!

Struggling, failing, kicking and missing and falling flat on your back over and over…is how we learn. How we become what we are born to be.

Poor ole Charlie Brown…he never did get to kick that ball or kiss the little red haired girl…but he did become an icon.

What will you become?

Talk soon,

– Lindsay

February 14, 2017

How to use Trending Topics for Email Fodder

Breaking News from 2016…Study on Human Condition Exposed!

May 16, 2016: Pew Research Center releases the results of a vital study of the human condition.

62% of adults worldwide first their news from social media (primarily Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter).

Is this true for you?

It is for me. I don’t have TV (I have Netflix and Hulu). I do sporadically check out a few newspapers online: The Marin IJ, The San Diego UT, Washington Post and NY Times. Typically, if it’s a major story, I’ve heard the headline on Facebook first. I read more fully in the news. I’m in the minority.

So what? Right? So everything!

Creative-Drought-Buster, Make-It-Rain Tip #2: TRENDING TOPICS

Before I go into this..a warning. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE! Do not attempt to use trending topics without deep understanding of our market. (See P.S. Below)

Now, if you know your audience well, using trending topics to break your creative drought is quite simple:

  1. Go to the place your market gets their news. NOT their market news, but their normal news. For example, if you are a selling coaching to fitness professionals, don’t worry about what’s trending in muscle magazine…go to where they get their actual news…Facebook or the sports page in the national paper.
  2. Look at the top 30-40 trending headlines. I currently omit anything political because my job is to entertain, delight and sell…not argue.
  3. Understand the reason for the trend. Is it trending because it’s funny, an escape, a new fashion, a new idea or technology, etc.
  4. Notice the pay-per-click (PPC) ads on the news sites. Use them as swipe copy for your own ad.
  5. Play with using either the actual trending topic OR the type of headline in your copy. Note: Only use an actual trending topic in contemporary writing (email, flash sales, etc.) otherwise your ad will sound like an idiot in a few days.

If nothing else, looking at what is trending can get your brain working on reasons your market will love the product you’re selling. Trends change hourly, so you can always find some fodder for your brain, emails and social media engagement.

More tomorrow.

– Lindsay

By the way…if you are struggling with deepening your market research and knowledge…do not fret. I have a super duper online course coming soon to show you how use my system to connect deep with your audience quick like lightning.  Get on the list by opting in (see sidebar for details).

February 9, 2017

Soap Writers Must Be Crazy

The boys house said they could hear the girls squealing from miles away.

“Like Sands Through the Hourglass, So Were The Days Of Our Lives…”

Every day, at 3pm, we gathered. We squealed. We talked a bunch of crap about how nothing ever happened on the show…how we would watch all week even though storylines only moved forward on Fridays, leaving us a cliffhanger to talk about all weekend…

When I consider those poor soap writers…coming up with a full hour of daily scripted material to entertain their constant audience…well, I guess i feel shame.

Here’s why:

When I first heard about writing daily email, I honestly didn’t wonder if it was too much for my audience. I wondered if it was too much for me. I already write for clients every day. How could I come up with enough material for a 200-400 word email?

Nevermind that I actually live a lot during the day. And everything is email fodder. The thought of all this work was frankly overwhelming.

What does this have to do with you? Everything.

How often do you fight with resistance toward ideas, not because the ideas are weak, but because you are? How often do you not do the next task, not because it’s too big or hard, but because you simply don’t feel like it?

One thing I know for sure…success takes real work. It takes suiting up and showing up. It takes getting over yourself and doing the next thing.

If you feel stuck, need bigger and better accountability in your copywriting or freelance career, want your writing tighter and your bank account bigger, I have just opened THREE SPOTS for my 1 on 1 coaching. I keep my prices low so I can work with up-and-coming freelancer marketers and copywriters ready to make a much bigger name for themselves in their niche.

I am a tough coach. I don’t care if you hate me in the short term, as long as you are getting better and making money for you and your clients.

Those I have coached have gone from making peanuts (even less than peanuts) to over $5K per month and more. Every month. Consistently. As long as they chose to.

One hit 5-figures and has a waiting list. A long one.

Everyone makes their money back and then some…fast.

Imagine if you could pick and choose the jobs you take because you have a waiting list.

If you are ready to pump up the volume on your copywriting career., if you are sick to death of wondering if your copy is any good, worrying about not paying rent, and never making it past the hobby stage in your business, you have a real opportunity to change your situation.

If you feel nervous or scared, or your brain is screaming “NO! You can’t take a risk! Play it safe,” you are ready.  Schedule your 30 minute interview HERE.

– Lindsay

P.S. If this is not for you…no worries. There are so many ways to work with me (web courses, CCC Group, heck you can even hire me to write your copy).

This one is only for those really prepared for the hard work , dedication, and investment in your career to make that leap right now.