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June 3, 2017

Landing The Plane – How and Why Tangible Offers Work Best

Landing offers

Copywriters, Business Owners, Marketers!

Lend me your eyes….

For what I share with you today may forever change you.

We are talking my numero uno, hottest takeaway from my weekend at Jeff Walker’s PLF Live.

Now, if you don’t know who Jeff is or what PLF is…no worries…more on all that in future mail. Today, I mention Jeff Walker to give credit for my tidbit where credit is due. (He actually took it from someone else, but I can’t recall the name).

Making your (or your client’s) offer real means you must Land The Plane.

As copywriters and marketers, our main job is getting the right candidates to press that ole BUY Button. That’s it. The whole shabang. We can help get likes, and a following, and an enormous list…but if we can’t bring home the buy, we don’t keep the job.

When I’m right, I’m right.

So, what do I mean by “landing the plane.”

Here’s an example from real life:

A client comes to me and says, “My program helps my corporate women feel more balance and joy in their lives.”

This plane is still in the sky. Like…waaaaaay up there at 30,000 feet. The offer is general, abstract, and intangible. It cannot be measured. It sounds woo-woo and like far too many bullshyt programs sold by snake oil salesmen looking for a quick buck.

Most people nowadays have seen these overzealous, undefined claims a million times…

When a client comes with this kind of offer, it is up to you to help them Land the Plane.

Jeff gave us the following bullet point list to help ground an offer in concrete reality…an offer people can believe in, and will buy.

To land the plane, your offer must be:

  • Specific, not general
  • Concrete, not abstract
  • Tangible
  • Verifiable/Measurable
  • External (a 3rd party can see it)

For those of you working in the personal development space, this little formula will take a LOT of thinking…especially the verifiable and external criteria…how do you measure “feeling oneness with the Source” after all?

Still, even in that space, even though the ideal customer is aware of what you “mean” bringing it down toward the ground will create more sales.

Back to my example…how could we change the offer?

“More Balance” = “You will discover an extra hour to spend time with your family using our specific time management hacks, morning rituals to get you out of bed at 5 with an hour to exercise before you start your day, meal systems to cut down on daily cooking and provide 30 minutes of extra time for hobbies….etc,”

All can be measured…all can be seen through a camera. Right?

“More joy” = “You’ll feel a pep in your step, find yourself smiling for no reason, less prone to tantrums or yelling at the kids, your inner voice will become more complimentary and you’ll sashay rather the skulk…”

The corporate woman’s colleagues and kids could actually see the results.  Right?

The ability to visualize the life after your program will draw more of the right people to you..the people who have been looking for those precise promises you describe.  The promises demonstrate your commitment to your prospect, your understanding of how they feel and think, and, most importantly, your trustworthiness because you have done something others don’t…

You’ve promised something measurable.

May 25, 2017

Challenging Times Call for More Personal Connection

I was at home, snuggled up on the couch in Marin County CA, preparing to watch Game 3 of the 1989 World Series. Dubbed the “Bay Bridge Series” because the Oakland A’s were facing off against the San Francisco Giants, the Bay Area was abuzz with excitement and rivalry.

Maybe we all had too much energy. Because that night, with my dad at the game and me watching from home, the earth began to shake. Harder than I’d ever felt it shake. Pandemonium rocked the stadium. Bridges and freeway overpasses were falling. Live…on TV.

In the wake of that earthquake, and as happens in crisis, the Bay Area came together as never before.

Over and over, we have seen communities rocked by challenging times…this weekend’s terrorist attack (and so many before it) remind me of the need for connection and community.

So many of us, as marketers, online business owners, and entrepreneurs are working to change the world from behind our screens…often alone at home. Remember, connection happens outside these 4 walls.

It happens with the person sitting next to you writing at the coffee shop, or at the top of the mountain on a hike, or at sporting events, or conferences, or the grocery store.
The world is our community. The world is filled with our potential clients, our supportive prosperity partners, our coaches, our healers, our mentors and our friends.
The past week, I’ve been a bit more offline than usual..connecting in human form. I attended REACH Academy Live…a speaking conference, and came away with fantastic new tools to share with you over the coming days.

Stay tuned…because what I am bringing you next could impact your business forever.

Lindsay “the sherpa of strategy” Sacks

May 18, 2017

Connection and Selling Depend on the Clarity of Your Message


I remember back in the olden days when I first got into mentorship and personal development…my corporate coach (a fan of cliche) gave me this well known nugget of wisdom:

“How you do one thing is how you do everything.”

He was referring to my innate inability to have a reasonable and responsible filter when upset. I was reactive…and it extended to all areas of my life…including emails, which had gotten me in a bit of trouble with a board member.

And while I am not a huge fan of using cliche’s in coaching, I do believe this adage to be true.

In today’s online world, there is often confusion as to how to show up.

While authenticity wins the day, what we choose to share or not share, how we choose to give or receive, is a signal to clients, partners, and customers how we will treat them…

As business owners (and yes, freelancers are also business owners), our marketing messages must be tight, and consistent across all media…or we bring confusion to the market…and confusion turns off customers…and turned off customers do not buy.

I had this experience last night in fact…I am in Colorado Springs at a speakers conference…and I was attending the VIP event. Because I have been doing so much studying and teaching on introversion and connection, I wanted to focus my conference experience on creating a keynote about this topic.

However, I’m also here to connect, prospect and sell. Because, duh…that’s my jam.

After one botched conversation after another, I realized I needed to choose which business opportunity I was representing. I chose marketing strategy and copy, and I immediately found my next two (potential) clients.

Does this mean my keynote will be on copy? Not necessarily…but I am showing up here as Lindsay Sacks – Strategist and Copywriter. Period.

Ask yourself…where is your message messing up your connection and ability to sell? Where are you trying to be too many things to a single person?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


May 18, 2017

Traveling and Conferences-3 Tips for Success

Just a quickie for you about traveling to conferences.

I personally believe I am far more committed to a conference if I am not in my home town. For one thing, I will not flake out on attending (which I have done a bunch at home). Second, I will stay for the meals, happy hours, night caps. Third, I am “off the grid”…sort of, as I never bring copywriting work to conferences.

Of course, it costs more upfront to travel…and I am 100% confident in my ability to get a full return on any conference investment (if I use my Who, Why, ROI method of selection and do the pre and the post-work well), so travel costs are always money well spent.

Soon…you will be too.

If I have 3 pieces of advice about travel it’s this:

NEVER eat alone. Conferences are for connection. No matter how you want to introvert, remember…you can do so when you get home. When traveling to conferences you are working…even at meals.

STAY with a roommate. Yes, even if you have the money to stay alone. And especially if you are introverted. I experimented with staying alone twice, and both times, I missed a big part of the conferences because I had a place to “be alone.”

Added bonus: your roommate will become a friend. A real friend. Even if you don’t see them much at all (which you won’t), there is something bonding about sharing space. And that bond tends to lead to introductions, new leads, and sales.

The best connections and business deals happen AT THE BAR. I don’t drink, but I always hang out at the bar after dinner. The bar is where friendships are made…where pictures are taken and posted and tagged, leaving you forever a “friend” and giving you a chance to connect with an image after the conference is over.

Now, I want to check in with you guys….is this helpful? Are you enjoying this series? Anyone feeling motivated to network, prospect and sell?

Please let me know…


May 16, 2017

Connection is the Ultimate Marketing Tip


Connection is the ULTIMATE Marketing Tip.

Consider this….
A few times a week, I leave the security of my computer and I take a walk with my dog, Buddy, on a path near my home, overlooking the ocean.

During these walks, I talk with Buddy (out loud, like a mad woman) about what my desires are for life and business. We talk in detail…from the next client or connection I’d like to make, to an inspiration I need to finish a sales page, to any fears that seem to be cropping up for me, to my to-do list for the day.

My mother tells me I’m odd. And this probably does sound odd. Especially to others on the path (just kidding…there are rarely others on the path in the middle of a weekday).

What happens as a result of these talks is nothing short of FULL ON WOO:
I get what I ask for. Often.

Just the other day, I was pontificating about finding some connections in virtual reality…getting into that writing market.

Not one hour after the walk
, a connection I made at PLF Live (a conference I attended in April) contacts me, and refers me to a new client in the VR space.

This is why I am adamant and passionate about teaching connection.

I constantly see people suffering from lack of money or clients…and I have taken my introversion and learned to master the most potent skill for generating wealth, joy, happiness and a prosperous life: Connection.

Connection is a controllable force of business power.

If you can discover and master the skills to connect, prospect, sell, and maintain relationships,…you will always have the resources available to thrive in business.

Follow-up is the difference between a conference friend and a client or lifelong mentor or referral partner. And MOST do not do it….even the charismatic, extroverted, popularity contest winning people fail when it comes to follow-up…leaving their connections at the conference to whither and die.

On May 23, 2017 at 5pm Pacific…you are invited to an online, interactive Zoom workshop focused on follow-up – Turning Conference Connections into Clients, Partners, Mentors and Colleagues.

The cost is only $97 for the 90+ minute event…a nominal cost considering the return you can get from just one successful follow-up.

My follow up process has earned me a waiting list of five figure clients, mentorship and confidants, and prosperity partners all over the world.

And it can do the exact same for you.

Claim your seat here.


May 12, 2017

Volunteering as a Networking Tool


Last week, a daily email subscriber and friend of mine, Monique Nelson, sent a message with a HUGE and TIMELY tip for a magnificent way to connect with speakers and influencers at conferences.

She writes:

I’m in post-conference follow up mode right now! Reading this email got me to wondering…as the conference QUEEN, have you ever volunteered at an event? If not, I suggest you give it a try at least once. It will be an entirely NEW experience for you.”

She then followed with a copy of a post she made about her experience in the green room at Social Media Camp…meaning her job was to socialize with the speakers.

Just a few of the perks of the job: connecting with 17 of the 50 influencers and speakers in 1:1 conversation, influencers asking her for advice and selfies, attending the conference for free and receiving a huge wealth of connection in return.

If you ever feel fear about going to a conference alone, volunteering truly is a perfect remedy. Yes, you have to work…and sometimes hard…and you don’t always get to listen to the conference (you sometimes are assigned to jobs outside the main room).

You do have a job and a purpose, and because you’re wearing the conference shirt, people come up to you to talk…so no need to work your way into conversations or stand around looking lost (often a treacherous nightmare for introverts).

And once you meet all those influencers and speakers and high quality prospects?

It’s up to you to follow through.

I just closed over $8,000 of new business last week from 2 new clients…one I met at a conference in December. One through a connection I met at a conference in April.

All while traveling to meet with two new potential business partners in another venture (I also met them at a conference).

I know of which I speak…and I’d love to show you precisely how I turn a chance meeting or a lunch or a late night conversation at an event into cold, hard cash in my account.

Click here to grab your seat for my live, online, interactive workshop…DEEP DIVE INTO FOLLOW-UP, and I’ll show you my ways. (May 23 at 5pm Pacific and recorded for those who can’t make it)

This workshop is a steal at $97, and until midnight Pacific time you can get in for $47 Seriously…imagine the gains in sales you can create learning my follow-up system…

CLICK HERE to grab your seat.

Happy Connecting,

Lindsay “Conference Queen” Sacks


If you met your ideal perfect client tomorrow at a random party, coffee shop, or event….wouldn’t you want to know exactly how to follow up and close the deal without sounding desperate or salesy or awkwardly aggressive?

If yes..my DEEP DIVE INTO FOLLOW-UP is the best $47 you will ever spend.

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A special thanks to Monique Nelson for her massive tip!

May 11, 2017

How Email Marketing Builds Your Business

Yesterday, a newer member of my elite email list unsubscribed.

This, in and of itself, is no big deal. While my rate of unsub is Antartically low, it happens. To be brutally honest, I don’t really even notice.

But this member notified me, basically stating he was leaving because he was “sick of me selling in my emails.”

Holy Crap! I hope he isn’t a business owner, copywriter or marketer…

I love writing and sharing my tips of the trade with you, but I don’t give out my hard won wisdom for free. After all, you are a powerful business owner…not someone needing handouts and freebies.

Instead, I’m participating in the fine art of email marketing (and I hope you taking my example and others, and are doing the same with your lists).

I write emails to build a relationship with you…daily emails carefully crafted to bring you serious strategies you can use right away to build your influence, excellence, and make cold hard cash.

What my friend the unsub didn’t seem to understand is this:

Email marketing has an ultimate goal…turning a prospect into a happy, successful client.

Email marketing builds a camaraderie. We learn about each other. I email you…you email me.

When it’s time for me to make you a super valuable offer, you know me, you trust me and the quality I bring, and therefore you are hopefully excited to buy my offer

After all, I’ve proven to you I will go above and beyond to give exponentially more than the price I charge,

Take, for example, my latest offer for Deep Dive Into Mastering The Art of The Follow-Up where I share conference follow-up strategies that will score you friends, clients, and referral partners for years to come.

When you attend live on Zoom, you can ask me anything you’d like about the entire conference connecting series. We will walk through your specific scenarios as well as the content I’ve prepared.

I will give you the exact organization and connecting method I have used to close over $100K of freelance writing business in my first 6 months of freelancing, all from people I met at conferences.

The same exact strategy I used to close 6-figure deals in my consulting business.

I’m charging $47 until May 12. Then, it’s $97.

How much can you make from one strategic connection? 20x that? 50x? 100x? More?

Sounds like a win/win to me. Join us on May 23 at 5pm Pacific (or you can get access to the recording and email me the Q&A).

Click here to join…

Never let a great connection slip or money making opportunity through the cracks due to lack of skillful follow-up. Ever. Again.

Click Here to Grab Your Spot.

Lindsay “Shakin’ My Money Maker” Sacks

May 9, 2017

Authentic Networking Gets Referrals

One of my dearest friends told me a story last night about a mortgage broker who introduces himself as a Master Networker. He claims to connect 100 people or more per week to potential customers.

Like a living, breathing Upwork. This he does, while also having a day job of mortgage brokering in one of the most lucrative and crowded real estate markets in the U.S.

Despite being a Master Networker, most people avoid him.


Because he simply connects people for the wrong reasons.

Instead of sending out one really hot, qualified, and eager to buy referral….he goes for numbers. This adds tremendous workload to the person being connected to follow up with people who may not even be interested in what they do.

Second…and this is most important…he connects others ONLY for the reciprocation…so he has a “favor” to call in later.

Here’s the thing about being a connector of people (and this is important):

It must come from a place of truly wanting to be of service, and only then will it trigger the law of reciprocation.

This sounds counterintuitive…how can you connect one person to another altruistically and authentically, and clearly hoping for reciprocity?

When I meet anyone, I am considering…who do I know that this person would like (friendship) or who can help this person solve their key problem (I am not all talented so I do not solve all of the problems of the world)?

If I know someone and if the person is interested in the introduction….great. If not, even just offering build closer rapport and more trust in my own relationship.

How can this be done…without becoming an overzealous Master Networker everyone avoids?

Post conference referral is one of the most powerful methods to establishing a true business relationship in the real world.

I’m going to tell you step-by-step exactly how to create the perfect tone for authentic business match-making, and how to make the best introductions…when you join me in my Click Here to Grab Your Spot for the Deep Dive Workshop. on May 23 at 5pm Pacific.

The workshop is only $47 if you grab your space before May 12. Your return on this investment will be 100x or more…probably after just one Cliconference.

Can’t wait to see all your faces!



On the fence about $47? Become great at prospecting and connecting and you’ll never worry about $47 again.

May 4, 2017

Keep Your List Turned On to Sell

It’s Sunday..the day for lingering in bed with your lover…

So, allow me to share a sexy little secret that has women everywhere delirious with delight…

A move so rarely done in the bedroom, so taboo, it shocked me to hear…yet, made so much sense.

The key to pleasing a woman in the bedroom time and again is…


No! Not on the man to hide his unkempt toes (although, men, unkempt toes are a massive turnoff to all)…

I’m talking socks on HER feet.

I hear those foot fetish guys howling in horror but this is science…

Keeping a woman’s feet warm provides an immense sense of security, resulting in feeling of comfort and trust, allowing the woman to let go of her hangups and enjoy the sensations of sex.

Furthermore, socks on her feet release her tensions and her insecurities…not about her feet…but in her brain. Studies were done. Science has spoken. Cold feet are out. Warm feet are orgasmic.

And as it is in sex, so it is with selling…

Warm lists breed comfort, security and SALES. Keeping your list toasty ensures you’re connected with your audience, you begin to intuitively understand what turns them on and makes them want to buy.

For my clients, I suggest three entertaining, delightful, inspiring and informational emails per week at a minimum. Personally, I prefer even more frequency…as long as the writing is good and the sales are (mostly) soft.

Not sure what I’m talking about – head over to my blog where I’ve posted my own daily emails. While you’re there, share your favorite with your social media friends, leave me a comment, love me up a little…

Your giving will be graciously rewarded.

Lindsay “Sexy Socks” Sacks


Looking for sexy socks…check these out.

April 27, 2017

Ideal Clients Are Everywhere

clients everywhere

The book of face…Facebook…2 days ago I see a “rant post” from a copywriter friend of mine, a friend with 15 years of experience writing words that persuade people to part with their cold hard cash.

His rant is about the guru market and how full of shyt many of them are…how they aren’t doing what they say they do or making what they say they make, and it was making him damn near sick!

An existential marketing crisis to be sure.

How can one write words that persuade people to part with their cold hard cash when, in one’s heart, they know the guru and his program are built on lies?

I believe every marketer will hit the wall my friend hit the other day…

What I reminded him, and what I remind you now, is CLIENTS ARE EVERYWHERE.

Every market.
Every niche.
Every type of business.
All need copy.

Now, you may be thinking, “Lindsay, if this is true, why can’t I find clients?”

To which I say…you can.

I was luxuriating by the pool this weekend reading fiction and “taking time off” when I received not one, but two, inquiries from business owners I had met weeks ago: One at a conference and another at a restaurant in an airport.

We met, I continued the connection on Facebook, commenting on posts, sending a link or two I thought may interest them.

When they were ready for a copywriter, who did they call? The one they knew, the one who committed to stay in contact and followed through.

Although luxuriating by the pool, I answered the calls, and within an hour, I had a few extra thou in my sacks o’cash.

Neither of these clients are in my “ideal niches” and neither of the engagements are my normal high-4 to low-5 figure full launches.

So what? The clients and I connected, their industries are interesting and new. And I believe in what they’re selling and in them.

You never need to stick to one thing. You can branch out, add to your repertoire, sing a new tune.

Clients are everywhere.
Connect and sell!



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