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April 14, 2017

For Those Days When Your Brilliance Is Dim…

Everyone has days like these…and I’m glad I know they do.

Before I developed friendships with many entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches and the like, I thought everyone was always hustling, winning, productive every single day. And always with a smile.

What a joke.

I thought no one understood the on again/off again days. The days where 2 solid hours of excellent productivity are followed by 6 hours of trying, and failing, to get back in the flow.

Where exercise, nature walking, shower breaks, lunch breaks and another cup of coffee simply cannot restart your engines.

Deadlines coming…plans tomorrow…just one more section of the writing is hard to come by.

A butt in seat problem. A fight against my own power.

I’m glad to know now that we all have these days. It’s nothing to fret over or beat myself up for.

It’s my subconscious telling me to relax. Avoid the frazzle. Kick my feet up.

My blast of motivation, creativity and acceleration toward the goal is on its way….

When I stop straining and stressing.

If you find yourself on a rough path of resistance…remember, it’s best to go with the flow and allow resistance to pass than fight it head on and get yourself in a tizzy.

We have all been there. Often. And those of us who ultimately succeed understand…

The next burst of brilliance is about to break through.

Impostor Syndrome Keeps You Broke…So, why not try this?

Impostor Syndrome

Do you know how to receive a compliment?

I don’t just mean acknowledging a compliment by saying, “thank you” or deflecting a compliment with false modesty.

I mean do you know how to fully receive the compliment, like deep down, where perception shifts occur?

Every single solitary person I know struggles with impostor syndrome at some point in their life.

In fact, according to recent psychological research performed by the Behavioral Science Research Institute and documented in the study, The Impostor Phenomenon, it was discovered Impostor Syndrome is felt by a wide majority of people, and that “It is estimated that 70% of people will experience at least one episode of this Impostor Phenomenon in their lives” (Sakulu, Alexander, 2011).

And…it’s not just the high achievers in the workplace.  Impostor Syndrome is felt everywhere.

Some will look at their kids and think, “I have no business parenting. I’m still a kid myself.”

Some will look around a corporate boardroom and think, “How did I get here? I’m way too young to be here.”

Or, some will change careers, call themselves a copywriter and think, “How do I know if I’m even any good at this?”

Many people do an incredible job of hiding their fear of being discovered as a “fraud” behind bravado, superiority complexes, and attitude. Some have done a lot of brain coaching to work through it…

I remember back in the corporate days…I was the girl sitting in the conference room, dressed up in my board of director meeting regalia of pencil skirt and matching jacket, 4 inch heels…and all I could think is, “what if they find out I’m not the woman I say I am.”

I felt about 21 inside. But I was playing a capable executive in the drama of my life.

The outside not matching the inside eventually burnt me out. Nothing confuses the mind more than being incongruent with yourself.

Here’s the good news:

Testimonials…if you accept them as true…can be the difference between feeling like an imposter and knowing you are the real deal Super Star you are.

Sounds super woowooooo, I know. But I promise you, if you get this part down, you can become as confident at selling your wares as Kylie Jenner is selling Lip Kits. (She made $8M in 20 minutes and broke Google mid-launch…look it up..it’s unreal.)

Back in the days of corporate life…I’d only ever focus on the one or two improvement points on every one of those terrible 360 degree reviews. The ones where they pick apart your performance once a year.

I never integrated the good review points into my psyche.

Now…I never miss a chance to do so, and neither should you.

What is the last positive testimonial or comment you received on any work you’ve done?

Do you have a file of such comments at the ready for a pick-me-up when things get rough? (Because let’s face it…every business and life has its ups and downs, even throughout the day).

Read that last comment over and over and accept it as you. Take it in front of the mirror. Read it to yourself. RECEIVE IT!

Don’t worry, my friend, I’m not going soft on you. You told me you wanted to learn how to sell more and get what you’re worth…

And I am telling you, if you do not believe in your worth, your prospect won’t either.



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February 22, 2017

17,896 misses…and he tries again

He lost every single time…and still became a legend in the hearts of children everywhere. Every time we saw him, we routed for him to finally kick that ball…finally get some respect from his puppy…finally get the valentine from that little red-haired girl.

Of course, I am talking about good ole Charlie Brown.

In all 17,897 comic strips, Charlie Brown never once successfully kicks the football from Lucy. He always ended up flat on his back, tweety birds flying around his bald little head.

Talk about eternal optimism (even though he portrayed the pouty pessimist so well).

That kind of gumption takes an incredible strength of spirit…

Not unlike the strength of spirit needed to push through the peaks and (especially) the pits of entrepreneurship.

Do you ever just have one of those days, or weeks, or months where your best laid plans, your lead generation, marketing campaigns, technology, and sales all go down the tubes at once?

Have you ever questioned what the hell you are doing, whether you have what it takes to succeed out there on your own?

I’m sure you’ve seen the popular meme, where the entrepreneur goes through the day alternating between the nirvana of sales and freedom and the hell of rejection and fear.

Do not tap out!

Struggling, failing, kicking and missing and falling flat on your back over and over…is how we learn. How we become what we are born to be.

Poor ole Charlie Brown…he never did get to kick that ball or kiss the little red haired girl…but he did become an icon.

What will you become?

Talk soon,

– Lindsay

February 10, 2017

Make It Rain: Overcoming Creative Droughts

creative drought

I’m not a huge believer in writer’s block.

Experience has shown, my “writer’s block” is almost always “butt in seat I don’t feel like working I am too involved with procrastinating or facebook or watching TV” block.

Still, sometimes my writing is complete crap…because my creative juices are dried up. I’m in a creative drought.

And I write for a living. And I write every day. Giving into a creative drought is simply not an option for little ole me.

So, what can you do to squeeze water out of a rock? Not possible. You MUST find a way to make it rain…

Drought Buster #1: Cosmo

Headlines mess with my head. Often. And when the headlines are messing with my head…I find it hard to move forward with the sales page. Because everything must lead from the headline.

Cosmo often saves the day. Do you know that Cosmo pays their copywriters multiple six-figures JUST for front cover headlines? Cosmo headlines have the reputation as the best grabbers in the magazine biz…

So when I need some inspiration, I start there. I look at structure, and key words, and trends. I think of my own market and how I can modify their ideas to fit my clients’ businesses (most of my clients don’t quite fit the Cosmo mold).

The best part: You don’t have to buy Cosmo. If you google “Cosmo covers” the images abound. You can use current or far past issues. Doesn’t matter. Just get to headline brainstorming and you can often get the creative juices flowing.


Over the next 4 days, those subscribed to my list will receive 4 more of my favorite drought busters to make the creative rains fall….quickly, so you can get on with the business of marketing.  Want to subscribe?  Form is on your right —>

I will also be holding a contest to win one of my two FAVORITE marketing books for anyone who shares a drought buster I’ve never heard of…so stay tuned…

– Lindsay

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February 9, 2017

Soap Writers Must Be Crazy

The boys house said they could hear the girls squealing from miles away.

“Like Sands Through the Hourglass, So Were The Days Of Our Lives…”

Every day, at 3pm, we gathered. We squealed. We talked a bunch of crap about how nothing ever happened on the show…how we would watch all week even though storylines only moved forward on Fridays, leaving us a cliffhanger to talk about all weekend…

When I consider those poor soap writers…coming up with a full hour of daily scripted material to entertain their constant audience…well, I guess i feel shame.

Here’s why:

When I first heard about writing daily email, I honestly didn’t wonder if it was too much for my audience. I wondered if it was too much for me. I already write for clients every day. How could I come up with enough material for a 200-400 word email?

Nevermind that I actually live a lot during the day. And everything is email fodder. The thought of all this work was frankly overwhelming.

What does this have to do with you? Everything.

How often do you fight with resistance toward ideas, not because the ideas are weak, but because you are? How often do you not do the next task, not because it’s too big or hard, but because you simply don’t feel like it?

One thing I know for sure…success takes real work. It takes suiting up and showing up. It takes getting over yourself and doing the next thing.

If you feel stuck, need bigger and better accountability in your copywriting or freelance career, want your writing tighter and your bank account bigger, I have just opened THREE SPOTS for my 1 on 1 coaching. I keep my prices low so I can work with up-and-coming freelancer marketers and copywriters ready to make a much bigger name for themselves in their niche.

I am a tough coach. I don’t care if you hate me in the short term, as long as you are getting better and making money for you and your clients.

Those I have coached have gone from making peanuts (even less than peanuts) to over $5K per month and more. Every month. Consistently. As long as they chose to.

One hit 5-figures and has a waiting list. A long one.

Everyone makes their money back and then some…fast.

Imagine if you could pick and choose the jobs you take because you have a waiting list.

If you are ready to pump up the volume on your copywriting career., if you are sick to death of wondering if your copy is any good, worrying about not paying rent, and never making it past the hobby stage in your business, you have a real opportunity to change your situation.

If you feel nervous or scared, or your brain is screaming “NO! You can’t take a risk! Play it safe,” you are ready.  Schedule your 30 minute interview HERE.

– Lindsay

P.S. If this is not for you…no worries. There are so many ways to work with me (web courses, CCC Group, heck you can even hire me to write your copy).

This one is only for those really prepared for the hard work , dedication, and investment in your career to make that leap right now.

Praise From Halfway Around The World…

NOTHING makes me happier than getting loves from my list. Even Sacks O’Cash coming in from programs and clients make me feel as warm and fuzzy as those who are inspired by my words.

Not that I don’t love sales…like, that’s my bread and butter baby…

But getting an email like this from Houry, a subscriber in Dubai, gives me all the feelz…

“You’ve asked me to write a recommendation right after my complementary session with you, although you gave me some wonderful tips I still thought it was too soon to ask..

Then you started sending this amazing newsletters, I’d rather call them little “informative” and super “inspiring” stories, that you actually pushed my button to start thinking in a creative way of marketing my business, instead of just sticking to my old boring routine. I’ve unsubscribed from almost 90% of the marketing emails that I receive daily, to keep room for the ones I truly appreciate, yours is my top priority, I just can’t wait to read what you’re going to write next.

Today I want to thank you for being such an inspiring and passionate person. Please keep up the great work!”

What I love most is this: Houry takes these little tips I send and she becomes inspired…and thinks differently about her marketing.

THIS is what I am to do…help business owners, freelancers, marketers, and writers think differently about how they sell products so they can stop fiddling around with the small dollars and start making an IMPACT.

Only a few more days till I (finally, I know) spill the deets on CCC (Copywriting Confidential Collective). Will you be one of the 10 that join???

Better get on the list…first invite goes to those who have hit the link.

– Lindsay

January 18, 2017

How To Overcome “Butt In Seat” Block

Ever have those days where you simply cannot get yourself motivated, keep yourself on task, and you go to bed that night having accomplished nothing on your list?

Of course you have.  Everyone has.

And because procrastination and blocks are such common business killers…I’m going to share a trick I have to get my butt in the seat.  It works about 80% of the time.  I’m all about the 80/20.

First…a backstory…

I’ve served time.  Hard time.

17 years of hard labor in corporate America.  Every day, I would wake up with serious dread.  I was under serious pressure, especially as I scaled the ladder to the corner office of the C-suite.  I had, at times, over 25 people reporting to directly to me, needing my input and signature on every possible piece of paper running through the joint.

I had to show up.  Every day.  Whether I felt like it or not.

When I burned the corporate boats behind me in search of a better life, I spent the good part of 2 years pretending to work on “my business.”  From the beach, when I felt like it, after playing and relaxing, maybe.

I made approximately $500 per month.  A serious problem if you live in San Diego, CA.

On the brink of asking my mom for a loan, I decided to make a change.  I started showing up every single day…from 6am – 4pm.  I did not play.  I networked, I prospected, I sold, and I wrote.  Money flew in.  I made 5-figures in my second month and I have every month since.

I got my butt in my seat.  Any block you feel…get your butt in that seat and do something that moves your business forward.  Do not take a procrastination day.  Do not wait for the mood to strike or the lightbulb to go off or the idea to be fully developed.

Get to work.

Sounds simple right.  It is.  But it’s not easy.  Butt in seat every day takes enormous will power and a real decision to move the needle on your life.  Butt in seat means you take chances, you don’t play business…you create income.

My butt in seat block came when I would not allow my talented, well-educated, intelligent adult self to borrow mortgage money as a means to live.  I didn’t need some pie in the sky “why.”  I didn’t need some enormous vision of preeminence.  I didn’t need a BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) to get me out of bed.

My goal was simple at first.  Make enough to pay my own damn bills.

My solution to “butt in seat” block:  GET BACK TO BASICS.  PERIOD.

Every time I hit a block (writer’s block, procrastination, delusions of grandeur…all really just another name for “butt in seat” block) I come back to this simple thing:

I alone am responsible for my outcomes.
I alone pay my way in the world.
It is my responsibility to pay for me and to compensate the world (with value) for the air I breathe and the resources I use.

And if you’re looking for a way to move your business forward, and you want to learn to be a better copywriter and marketer

My Copy Confidential Critique and Coaching Collective is forming soon.

Not just for professional copywriters, we will be holding monthly critiques combined with summary lessons from my favorite books and events, plus interesting speakers and an online secret group.  Every business needs great copy, and this is a simple and time saving way for hands-on learning and growth in a most crucial marketing area.

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Finally a group you can share business and copy ideas with everyone securely under a cone of confidentiality.

Talk soon,

The beta group is seriously affordable and a great way to get multiple points of view, make friends and get far better at marketing and copy, without the risk of public humiliation (like on some of the FB critique groups)…if you want to improve, you do not want to miss out.