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The Greatest Lesson I Learned (Recently) From Ryan Levesque

The Greatest Lesson I learned from Ryan Levesque

I was recently one of 35 people invited to a very special one-day event put on by the genius marketer Ryan Levesque (founder of the ASK Method). I don’t say this to brag, because frankly it’s not brag worthy…I was invited because I purchased something from him and I was one of the first to do so.

Regardless of how it came about, the opportunity to have dinner with Ryan (and sit right across from him), ask him my questions and get individualized answers, and learn from someone so highly skilled in such an intimate setting was well worth the price of admission.

I’ve already shared the SECOND GREATEST LESSON I learned from Ryan in my Facebook Group. Today I’ll share the GREATEST, MOST VALUABLE LESSON here with you –

The 4 Buyer Types

If you are a marketer of any product (except maybe a necessity for which there is no competition), your messaging must specifically speak to each of these buyer types:

1. Spontaneous, aka Early Adopter – likes to do something “NEW” and take risks

2. Methodical, aka Question Man – Loves to ask questions and comparison shop.

3. Humanistic, aka The Voyeur – Driven by connection and story.

4. Competitive, aka The Deadline Dancer – Waits till last minute for everything.

Every single one of these buyers is on your list (or your clients’ lists). And every one of them needsto be sold based on their instinctual motives to buy.

If you do not market to each buy type, you are leaving money on the table. Every single time.

Not sure how to effectively market to 4 avatars at once? You’re in luck!

I’ll be deep diving into this lesson and MUCH more during the first meeting of the Copy Confidential Collective. More information about the collective is forthcoming…if you aren’t on my email list, there is an opt-in in the sidebar just for you.



If you sell products or services (or work for someone who does) and you have not read ASK, you should. Find it HERE.


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