March 14, 2017

Social Media Images to STOP the SCROLL

I know, I know. I’ve failed you these past few days, as I hustled around Traffic and Conversion summit with nary a moment to write my daily email.

And I will do my best to never let it happen again.

Even though it will…because I’m human, and life is an unpredictable stream of events that even an autoresponder can’t always solve.

LUCKY FOR YOU…during those days I went missing, I gained a deeper knowledge of selling, prospecting, networking and, of course, copywriting and digital marketing (and all the ways money can be made with both)…

And, as you know, ALWAYS and FOREVER, or as long as you’re here, my gain is your gain.

***** TIP OF THE DAY ******

Listen here virality seekers…If you want to get social proof for your social media offer (likes, happy faces, mad faces, engagement!!!!) you MUST STOP THE SCROLL.

Words do not stop the scroll.

Images do. Video does. (Lame videos where you waive your hands trying to get people’s attention do not so refrain from that nonsense please).

How do you find the images that stop the scroll?

You Scroll…fast…

Go scroll through your feed on your social media network of choice.

See which images catch your eye.

Examine the colors, the placement of the key focal point, whether there are humans in the picture, where the humans are looking, the scene, the feeling the scene gives you.

Rinse and repeat and keep a list.

Find or take an image with similar characteristics, which resonates with your message and what you want your prospect to do. NOTE: if you find one, make sure you pay for it!!!!

Test several with your copy. Notice which work and which don’t and the differences between those that work and those that don’t.

You know if they work by the engagement…NOT necessarily the opt-ins or sales at first. But engagement here gives social proof, and social proof will bring the opt-ins and sales.

Add money to those that work, discard those that bombed.

Images in social media ads are EVERYTHING because they stop the scroll so a person will read the message. This is not a place for subtleties. Be BOLD.

I paid only $25 to promote my linked post below, and the engagement I received made me over $350 already! People LOVED the picture.

Check it out in it’s natural environment, and while you are there, please like my page (and the image) and help me grow my social proof as I grow yours 🙂



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