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One on One Mentorship

It was the famous motivational speaker and pastor Robert H. Schuller who said:

"Spectacular achievement is always preceded by spectacular preparation."

First...let's pause and love on the word SPECTACULAR shall we.

I don't know about you, but spectacular success speaks to me like loud, booming, explosions of fireworks across a clear summer sky.

And yes, I see he says achievement but tomato, tomahto people.


I agree...preparation is the cornerstone on which all spectacular success is in the success of a Facebook ad or the success of a political campaign for President.

Yet in this day and age, with the stunning plethora of Bright Shiny Objects and Ideas, how can one be prepared for the BIG opportunity when it crosses her path?

Take my mentee for example:

I was recently working with him on preparation for his first big launch proposal. He was asked to quote on everything...including managing the launch and providing the best launch strategy for the offer.

Admittedly, as a new but talented copywriter, he knew very little about launches and selecting the best strategy.

Thankfully, he has a mentor (me) who has experience writing and managing launches...from the gain/fear/logic of the Digital Marketer Machine to webinar launches to daily email soft sells to Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula, among others.

Rather than searching online and hoping for the best, or spending months and months learning each launch technique from the experts, his preparation was hiring a mentor who was already prepared...

And that is SPECTACULAR preparation.

After all, one person cannot know everything...not even if you read a book a day or spend all of your time in seminars....

Actually, especially then, because knowledge is only one source of preparation; action and inquiry, trial and error, battle scars and achievement are the greatest source of preparation...

And none of us can do it alone.

With that in mind:

I have ONE spot open for mentorship - specifically for a new(ish) copywriter committed to creating a more lucrative lifestyle with their copywriting business.

With me as your mentor:

  • You double or triple or quadruple the preparation in business, marketing and copy, just by connecting with me, and through me to my mentors, and gaining access to our wealth of resources and experiences.
  • You feel secure in the copywriting and advice you provide to clients, knowing it has passed through another set of eyes and ears before getting to them.
  • You move forward fast, without tripping over the same ole mistakes I've already made.
  • You make more money as you rise toward the top of my subcontractor and referral list.
  • You leverage my name and experience to charge more money for your own proposals.
  • You become connected to those I've met and those I have yet to meet. I believe there is abundance for everyone so I don't hold back on introductions for fear you'll take "my prospects" or steal "my business."

How is mentorship delivered:

  • 30 minute one-on-one Zoom sessions 1x per week
  • Help with preparing your signature proposal
  • Strategic consulting to reach your 90 day and annual goals
  • Copy and marketing critiques for your client work or your own
  • Access to me over FB Messenger to answer one-off questions as they arise during the week.

Now, most mentorships with this much access and critiquing cost over $1,000 per month...often 2-3x that amount.

But my mentorship program is more affordable...and gives you the opportunity to earn money from me, as I grow my own agency business and focus on hiring my own mentees first.

I require a 3 month commitment to start mentorship, including a full hour long call on the first week to create goals and vision for our first 3 months together.

The 3 month initial commitment is $2,000 ($1,000 less than most everyone, even the fakey fakes, and many thousands less than some) amount you will absolutely make back during our first three months together IF you follow my lead and stay the course.

If this is for already know it. It's that flutter in your chest...

The voice in your head telling you, "I want this, how can I make it happen?"

Trust me - you CAN make this happen. And if it's a stretch for your finances - EVEN BETTER. Because a stretch ensures you are are ready to excel. You are ready to be prepared for any opportunity that comes your way...

Especially the big one.

If this is for you:

Schedule a free 30 minute session with me at so we can make sure we are a fit.

And if it's not for worries.

There is always more preparation in the form of daily email tips to come.

Talk soon,

Lindsay "Spectacular Success" Sacks


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