Tensions Are High In Facebook Land

Facebook is BLOWING UP! Post wars, Comment Fights, Memes predicting America’s impending greatness or America’s impending doom…

Friends are unfriending actual, real life friends. Foes are bonding over shared hatred or love.

Photos and live videos of marches around the country. Praise for our old president.

Photos and live videos of inauguration celebrations around the country. Praise for our new president.

It’s hard to look away and get any work done…like waiting for a catastrophe, not knowing when the earth will quake or the hurricane will hit.

To me, social media is one of the most riveting reality shows. Want to really understand the nature of human kind, the psychology of what makes people act? Follow them on social media.

Whenever I take on a client, one of the very first things I do is find the people active on their individual or business social media sites. Then I social “stalk” their most active followers. I see what other products they love, what other people they follow, what videos and articles they share.

I can immediately figure out the heart beat of their market, and how to reach them. I can use their customers’ own words to engage and delight them…right into pressing the buy button.

Social Stalking (in the most benign and non threatening sense of the term) is one of the 7 ways I can so quickly understand any client market…and the reason I have been hired to write in over 20 industries in the past year.

If you want to know the rest of the 7…stay tuned. Tomorrow I share a serious pro tip from none other than the ASK Method customer segmentation genius himself, Ryan Levesque.

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– Lindsay

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