Know Your Ideal Client to Tailor Your Offer

It’s been a while. Since May 25 to be exact. Quite a while for a daily emailer to “go missing.”

And go missing I did. Without warning or notice…for me either.

Now, I didn’t really “go missing.” I was here the whole time. But in some ways, I am changed. In late May, something happened to my insides, where the fears and feelings and inspiration lie. I got a stirring, which became a clear message, and then an illuminated path…away from my current life in San Diego and into the wild unknown in Northern California.

Although it isn’t unknown, but where I grew up…I’m headed for a change to the place I’m from. Ironic, right? I don’t have family there anymore. I have a lot of friends, and a couple new business partners and a few clients and it’s where I belong.

Why am I blabbing about me? Me me me does not a good email make.

I am standing on the precipice of BIG and UNKNOWN CHANGE…

Just as your clients are in the serendipitous moment you reach them with your offer.

The stirring of knowledge that some part of life, however big or small, needs to be re-imagined, transformed, and made better is the tiny little opening of light worming its way into in a person’s sealed bubble of sameness…

The tiny opening you need to identify in your ideal client…your message crafted in the perfect size and shape to fit through the opening, illuminating the path your ideal client must take to tear down the bubble’s walls, and walk confidently into their new world.

This may sound super woo, so let me give you a very mundane, every day example:

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

One of the most un-fun aspects of selling my house is erasing all signs of me and Buddy the dog, by cleaning and staging. When facing down a newly empty pantry soiled by over 2 years of honey and oil drips, spilled protein powder, and other still undefined matter, my bubble of denial cracked. My pantry was gross.

Enter Mr. Clean’s image in my head (thanks to an empty magic eraser bag). Not 10 minutes later I was buying a 20 pack at Target.

See what I mean. If I’d been listening to the radio and some Molly Maids commercial had come on…I’d have probably paid an emergency fee instead. So busted was my bubble.

And there you have it. Your first tip of the day in 3 weeks and its a doozy. Know your ideal client well enough to KNOW just how that crack will feel when it comes to needing your product…and make sure your message is perfectly sized to fit in the crack and open their minds to your incredible offer.

Yours from my impeccable pantry,

Lindsay Sacks O’Magic Erasers

I am not promising I’m back to daily mailing…but I will not go another 3 weeks…I promise that. What about making it easy on me during this moving time – Tell me what you are dying for help with in your business and I will add your question to my topic list!


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