May 22, 2017

Follow Up is Your Number One Money Maker

Follow- Up

I remember it like it was yesterday…

I was sitting in my friend Colin’s house, begging him to let me join his network marketing team. Yes…I was begging him. I wanted in so bad. I had just left corporate America in an exit less like a triumphant and smooth exit and more firey burn-the-boats explosion.

I needed a new purpose, and I needed it now. Used to working 60 hours per week and making many six-figures per year…I was a money hoarding, scarcity minded machine of nerves seeing my bank balance decreasing month after month.

Unfortunately, I was an abject failure on the network marketing scene.

Not because I didn’t have a fantastic and inspirational personal story. I did.
Not because I wasn’t a natural leader. I was.

My failure was in the follow-up.

I simply did not want to appear pushy or bother someone too much. Once someone said they would think about it…I took them at their word. Sure I’d follow up once…or even twice if I was really bold. But that was it.

Salesy and pushy were not reputations I desired…no matter how much I believed in the product or the impact I could have on the world.

80% of sales happen AFTER THE 5th FOLLOW-UP.

And because 91% of people are afraid to be persistent, for fear of bothering someone or appearing salesy…9% of people make all the big bucks.

It’s facts and science.

So, how can you become truly comfortable and systematic about follow-ups? Use follow-up to build the relationship, rather than push for the sale.

Be a person people are begging to work with…just as I begged Colin.

On May 23 at 5pm PDT, I will give you the precise system I use to create genuine, long lasting and lucrative relationships with my ideal prospects through the art of following-up.

The live online workshop is $97 and will be 90 minutes (or more depending on Q&A). If you cannot attend on Zoom, there will be a recording sent to you, and you have the opportunity to email me your questions.

I am not going to sell anything during the workshop. This workshop is the product.

What I teach you will create tens of thousands of dollars of sales when you apply it to your business, just as it has for me….

Plus…a guarantee! If you attend the workshop and feel I have not given you a way to perfect follow-up and make your $97 back in your business…ask me for a refund and I’ll gladly give you your money back.

I am that confident you will find crazy value in this workshop.

Click here to claim your spot.

Can’t wait to see you there.


Unless you are already a master of follow-up, what I teach is the most critical skill in scaling your sales to the levels you deserve. It’s time to uplevel your connect, prospect, sell game.

Don’t regret missing this opportunity.

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