May 9, 2017

Go From Disorganized to Organized- Simply!

I was an anal child. Bordering on obsessive, though I don’t believe in a disordered way. I liked everything in its place, organized.

My books shelved according to genre and then to height and then color.

My clothes folded just so in my drawers. White socks with white. Colors with colors.

My bulletin board organized in an artistically disheveled, on purpose, manner.

My course notebooks had color coded notes from those old 4-color ball point pens, in perfect handwriting.

Mama Sacks was much the same…still is. Her home, cleaned and decorated as perfectly as a model home, still gets deep cleaned once a week by professionals. I doubt they have ever found even a speck of dust upon arrival.

Then something changed. Drastically. I emerged from the nest and became kind of a disheveled, though very high functioning, slob.

I began leaving things out on the counter to save me time the next day…and leaving clothes all around after a long night of “happy hour.”

I began relying almost entirely on my brain to remember things…never using any kind of calendar appointment or to-do list system until far into my career.

My books…they are kind of everywhere.

At around Age 22 I became a lost soul among the walking disorganized…and a few weeks ago, I was FOUND.

***TIP OF THE DAY*** feels as if Evernote married one of the many project management systems, and then had a team management baby.

If you are working on multiple projects or multiple clients as I am, plus have other business stuff…you cannot help but love the drag and drop and keep a note snug in the project for use later type of organization.

I’m not writing the whole sales page here, especially because I’m not an affiliate (yet). And because you can try it for free and see what I mean.

Now is the time to get it…because soon I’ll be sharing how I organize, create, and use these daily emails for various functions around the web…and Notion will make it a snap for you.

BUT WAIT! Before you go…

I have some free publicity to offer you

I am getting ready to full on publicize my blog, which is really mostly my daily emails edited for blog life…

If you would be so kind as to hop on over to and give me a comment or social media share for a recent fave…and reply to this mail with the link, I‘ll gladly give you a backlink* in one of the future blog posts I publicize



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This is NOT available for a link to a sales letter or promotion, as I only provide promotional links to products I use myself.


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