Challenging Times Call for More Personal Connection

I was at home, snuggled up on the couch in Marin County CA, preparing to watch Game 3 of the 1989 World Series. Dubbed the “Bay Bridge Series” because the Oakland A’s were facing off against the San Francisco Giants, the Bay Area was abuzz with excitement and rivalry.

Maybe we all had too much energy. Because that night, with my dad at the game and me watching from home, the earth began to shake. Harder than I’d ever felt it shake. Pandemonium rocked the stadium. Bridges and freeway overpasses were falling. Live…on TV.

In the wake of that earthquake, and as happens in crisis, the Bay Area came together as never before.

Over and over, we have seen communities rocked by challenging times…this weekend’s terrorist attack (and so many before it) remind me of the need for connection and community.

So many of us, as marketers, online business owners, and entrepreneurs are working to change the world from behind our screens…often alone at home. Remember, connection happens outside these 4 walls.

It happens with the person sitting next to you writing at the coffee shop, or at the top of the mountain on a hike, or at sporting events, or conferences, or the grocery store.
The world is our community. The world is filled with our potential clients, our supportive prosperity partners, our coaches, our healers, our mentors and our friends.
The past week, I’ve been a bit more offline than usual..connecting in human form. I attended REACH Academy Live…a speaking conference, and came away with fantastic new tools to share with you over the coming days.

Stay tuned…because what I am bringing you next could impact your business forever.

Lindsay “the sherpa of strategy” Sacks


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