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January 17, 2017

Milk Is Not Free and Neither Should You Be

The single biggest question I get is, “How can I work with you for free?”

Freebie Seekers.  A population proliferated by the very marketers looking to sell to them.

Let me explain…


The largest trend in Internet marketing today is

“To get your prospect to know, like and trust you, you MUST give away a ton of value for free first…and then you can ask for the sale.”

With this trend, Internet marketers have succeeded in one thing…creating a huge market of freebie seekers…people unwilling to purchase information, and content to use simply use whatever free, surface level B.S. they can find.

Offering something for nothing is not a new concept in marketing.  Back in the 80s when it was considered healthy and good parenting to feed kids a balanced breakfast of Lucky Charms and orange juice for breakfast, I selected my sugar cereal based on the toy at the bottom of the box. 

Free in exchange for something of value, be it an email address, an in-kind trade, or a bonus with purchase is quite a valid marketing principle.

So too is the use of the freebie to trigger reciprocity.  Reciprocity works because humans are programmed to desire balance…so we quickly want to buy or return the value if someone gives us something for free.

Yet, the freebie seekers drive me nuts.  Every day, I see questions like this…and I respond with a heavy dose of reality:

“What is the best free SEO course?”

–       Do you really believe that you will learn enough from a free course to beat the Google game?

“Can I get Breakthrough Advertising as a free download?”

            – Yes, but it’s stealing

“ How can I work with you for free?”

–       You can’t.  My time is valuable and ROI on my copy or coaching well exceeds any price I ever charge for it.


Even my email list is not really free. 

Sure, you can hang here and you can learn from me every day about copy, marketing, business.  You can hear the best tidbits from all of the conferences I attend, books I read, podcasts I listen to, and mentors I pay large amounts of money to work with.

Much of what I tell you will add value and entertainment in your daily life.  At least, that is my hope. 

And then you can read my pitch of the moment.  

Maybe you will buy. 

Maybe you will hire me to write your copy or help with your strategy. 

Maybe you will apply what you learn from me and you will make lots of moolah and then you will tell me about it and let me use your testimonial in my marketing.

I hope you will do all of it. 

Talk tomorrow,




I didn’t pitch today…instead, I would love for you to reply and tell me your greatest worry in your business.  That thing you think about at 2am.

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