Feed your marketing daily with easy to implement strategy tips..and you won't believe how fast your sales grow.

Copywriting & Marketing Strategy

I write words and people read them, and then get the insatiable need to press BUY buttons. Sounds silly, right?  Well, it's absolutely true.  I have written on behalf of some of the biggest names in business consulting and marketing and generated massive sales increases in markets from baby clothes to plastic surgery to fitness to supplementation.   

If you are searching for a direct response copywriter with exceptional strategic marketing skills, a deep understanding of human psychology, business strategy, and sales funnels, you've absolutely found one.  Please click here to schedule a free consultation.


I offer  one-on-one mentorships, small group coaching, and various online educational programs for freelancers seeking to create drastically more income and influence by improving their networking, prospecting, sales, marketing, copywriting and general business skills.  Please visit the PROGRAMS page for more information.

Lindsay Sacks
Copywriter  *  Marketing Strategist  * Mentor

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People Are Talking About Me...

 WARNING: Don't Hire Lindsay Sacks Unless You Want To Quickly Be The Leader In Your Niche

The copy Lindsay creates can give you the competitive edge you've been looking for.

She possesses the right balance of all of THE critical elements high converting sales copy needs together with razor sharp originality to help you create breakthrough promotions so good...your competition might just consider holding a close down sale.

Her uncanny ability to get the right voice, find the hook and deliver sales copy which gets your ideal customers wanting to whip out their credit card and invest in your products or services at your price...will be your smartest investment to date.

As her mentor, I see every piece of copy she writes before her clients do. And I'm tough on copywriters and I don't give testimonials unless 100% earned.

Trevor "Toe Cracker" Crook; Mentor, Copywriter, International Speaker on Advertising & Marketing

​Lindsay is a dedicated student of my ways, and I have watched her go from struggling with emails to writing emails for top industry names. I recommend her to people I know.

Ben Settle, World Leader in Email Copywriting

​We designed a landing page that was not converting, so we decided to seek the help of a copywriter and quickly found Lindsay. She delivered us great copy for our landing page and as a result we were able double the conversion rate the first day. We also used her landing page copy for Facebook Advertisements. These ads received far lower CPC and CPA than any ads previously.  

Lindsay was very great to work with!  She was attentive, understand and had great customer services. She listened to our problem and gave us great solutions to fix them. I would highly recommend Lindsay to anyone that needs copywriting services. We will definitely be using her again for future projects.

Blake Driver
Root Marketing

What we liked about working with Lindsay was her ability to immerse herself in the field she was writing for. She needs to feel like she believes in the concept you’re working on in order to help you. This helps her understand what a typical client would like to hear from you, as you’ll notice from her writing. We also appreciated the continued follow-ups, and brilliant suggestions.

Raffi Elliott

​I was hesitant about paying a copywriter. After all, I am a digital marketing expert and know good copy when I see it. And I had heard stories about people saying they were copywriters and then using worn out templates that sounded like everyone else.

Lindsay is the real deal. She does a deep dive into exactly who your target market is and then creates compelling copy that can speak to their specific pains and needs. Her copy is solid and it converts. Best of all she provides excellent coaching about everything from product launches to social media marketing as well. Most of all she is professional. If you are looking for a talented copywriter to take your product or services to the next level then I highly recommend Lindsay.

Jessica Yarborough
The Mompreneur Coach 

​Lindsay knows her stuff.  She's great for putting your business in perspective and focusing only on what will take you to the next level.

James Barger
Copywriter/Mentoring Client

What I love most about being mentored by Lindsay is that she has a very high standard. I feel pressured to be better just by being around her (in a good way). She can be a bit tough sometimes, but I feel that's just because she's super committed to my success.

I'd definitely recommend Lindsay to anyone who is seriously committed to achieving more as a copywriter.

 Peter Lu
Copywriter/Mentoring Client